Era of Steel: Letters of Odiss Bermota

Odiss Bermota, a foreign inventor developing weapons for an impending war between two empires. He hopes to regain respect for his family's legacy, serving the emperor as his father served. However he may find he is stepping into places that no scholar would dare wander.

(This Story is cannon to Morning of Steel.)


2. II

To my brother, Rodney Bermota.

There has been a great tragedy. One of my colleagues, Arbo Crainer is dead. He took his own life by cutting his throat as he bathed. The blade dangled in his cold hand. The poor man. He had such ambition and talent. I can’t help but wonder what in the gods blazing world would invoke him to do such a thing.

Arbo was an uplifting spirit. We all enjoyed his company. We drank, we sang, we told wild stories. Now his friends and I are all that hold those great stories after he left this world.

More tragedy struck later that week.

Arbo had a student, a boy only the age of ten from Verden. He was robbed and murdered while he was in Merchant’s Row. Bastards! Have the miserable sods in this damned city stooped so low, that a child’s life is worth only a few ruvels to them? I hope they find that murderer and put his head on a pike.

We are setting up a proper burial for both Arbo and his student. We will have a ceremony in celebration of their lives. As one of the primary scholars, I will take his research and complete them if possible. It the least I can do for him.

I suppose some things never change no matter which continent you live in. I hope you stay safe in Iros. I will write to you again next season.


Hail to Revandion


Best Regards


Odiss Bermota.


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