True Love Lost

As a Mother holds her baby boy for the first time, she knows its also the last time.


1. True Love Lost


I never knew the extent of love,
Even when I met you at the altar,
Yet here I am just before the shove,
I'm sorry that this all must alter.

A bright light inviting me in,
Yet all I can feel is your hand,
And his head against my chin,
Its funny how he was never part of our plan.

But at least you have him with you,
Please look after our son,
Teach him to love, laugh and play like you do,
Let him know he's being watched by his Mum.

Looking at his scruffy hair,
I know it's both the first and last time,
This is so much more than I can bear,
I'll never sing to him one his first bedtime.

I'll never get to see him get married,
I'll never see him become truly unique ,
Yet he'll see me be buried,
Before he's even learnt to speak.

Bye bye my sweet boy,
I love you more than I can even say,
I hope you have nothing but happiness and joy,  
I'll be waiting, to see you another day.


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