Ramblings of a Confused 'Adult'

I did have a Diary before but now I'm a 'Adult' rather than a Teenager so...


4. February 11th

What is it to be Human? Is it to have the body that we have, or the ideals that we think? A recent game touched upon this, I can't remember but I watched the gameplay on Markiplier's channel. But it is our minds, isn't it? If I was put into the body of an animal, like a cow, would it be okay to slaughter me? I think like a Human yet my external appearance would be that of an animal that most people eat, but I don't eat this creature. Is it wrong to eat an intelligent creature? People eat dolphins and dogs, I know they're not to our intellectual standard but it is advanced none the less. Just because they don't think or communicate like us doesn't mean they don't hurt, love or live like us. At the end of the day, we're animals too. 

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