The Diary of A Directioner


2. Entry #2

Well hey everybody. it's been almost two years since I've been on here! And damn, I've missed it. I honestly don't know where to start, if I should fill in major events, do a Q&A, a filler. What should I do? Comment your thoughts. As for this entry, I'm asking for some advice. I know this will just sound like a lot of drama and dumb shit, but I do need some help. 


But should I explain? Hm... Maybe I should turn into a... wait for it... Short Story! 


If you guys don't already know, my main writing forum is Wattpad, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to go and follow and check out my new works. They are heck of alot better then these unedited ones. If you follow me on there, just let me know you did by posting on my Messages Board on Wattpad and I'll give special shout outs in future updates on there! And I'm having a character contest soon for one of my best stories, make sure to watch out for that over on Wattpad. 


So yes! Please, please, please, go follow, post, and read! I'm always checking my stats and notifications so I will try to reply ASAP. Reminder: My wattpad username is HepburnShades


Love you guys! And let's see what the next entry will be! xx

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