Poetry Competition Entry
This particular poem looks at the 'good life' that the character had before her past began to seep through into her present


1. Empire


N​oun- A colour often associated with triumph and success, though it can count as a description of fear.


Bright lights

The good life

The sound of birds singing jubilantly

Pigments of scarletts and ambers radiating from the ball of light

I remember on a summers eve

At the peak of my empire

Me and my sister would create miniature crowns out of the delicate daisies

The daisies that acted as ornaments for the grass

We were princesses , we were pure

We were playing the game on our own terms

I remember on a summers eve

Before They wished to pry in our dreams

The tranquillity, providing me a place of peace

Nature was my remedy

For the laments of my tragedy

Empire rising in my dreams and reality alike

My shadows seek to reduce it by hunting in the night

My lies are that of a tree with roots deeply instilled

If I could destroy them, I would have done so in its entirety.

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