To Keep The Memories Alive

Just some little girl who hasn't been alive for a long time. But sometimes it rains, and it brings something beautiful to her life.

Then people move in and suddenly it doesn't stop raining.

Septiplier fanfic don't hate >_<


3. chapter two

I keep remembering being called a 'laid back princess' when I was alive. Someone who didn't care about the world, because the whole world was hers anyways. It was such a simple world back then, back when I was alive, breathing in the love of the cherry blossoms imported the Japanese embassy. Father specifically ordered them to please me, and it did please me well. Yet once I died, the cherry blossom never bloomed again. It was like she had loved me, and thus died with me. Instead, in death, the world became cruel, loveless and corrupt. Dead to everyone and itself. As I lay in my room, surrounded by withered roses and dead cherry blossom dust, coming back to life seemed like a task I never wanted to take upon myself anymore.

Almost two hundred years have passed before a soul entered my home.

Before a living, breathing human saw me.

He was handsome, that I will give him. Almost as if he was from the gods themselves, yet something was weird about the man. As if the whole world was doing its best to hide his darkened secret. This boy, this man at best, had a secret. So as he walked though my sacred halls, muttering to himself as he spoke in to this small device I learned to be a cell phone. Something about money and prices, how secure this place is. That's when I heard it. The one thing that made me realise why this man wanted my home, wanted my home for himself and another. Yet his face, I recognised from somewhere before, and yet, I couldn't place it.

This man wasn't someone I was to be afraid of.

He was currently standing in the kitchen, measuring it up meticulously. I was planning to announce my presence, however once the man turned to face my direction, I caught his eyes. I had no clue what he was, but I realised it could be dangerous to show self existing. So I stayed hidden, in full view, but stopped him from seeing me. Wasn't that hard to be fair, nobody can see me unless I want them to, a perk I love to abuse. So I was sitting there, on the counter, watching at this man was talking on the phone to somebody, someone who made him stop working and put all his tools down, gracing his face with a smile.

"It's gonna be okay Jack. Trust me. The house is perfect. It's secluded, nothing else for absolute miles babe, I swear." There was mumbling from the other end of the phone before he spoke again.

"I know baby. But trust me, there's barely any work to do up here. There's even a pool outside for summer, hunting grounds for a two mile radius for us both. Babe there's even enough room to throw a party with the guys, we know they won't trash the place." Again another moment of mumbling before the man spoke. This time much more respectful and solemn.

"I know. Honestly it's not the best thing princess, but the home is perfect, the grounds is perfect, and the home is ours. Scott free. We can get away from everything prince." More mumbling before his face broke out in a grin.

"I'll see you tomorrow Jack. I love you." I heard a faint 'love you too' before he hung up the phone. The man grabbed himself a drink from the sink next to me, his grin never leaving as he finally left the room, assembly to set up his bedroom as it is already darkened and almost eleven at night. He made his way to the west hung of the house, to the far room, eventually all shuffling and movement ending, the house again becoming quiet. Leaving me to wander the halls alone, surrounded by nothing but silence and the darkened walls.

As dawn rolled around, I heard the front door opening and shutting quietly. Footsteps faintly walked towards the living room, curious I appeared in the living room to see a slender, green haired man. He placed down his bag and sighed heavily. This must be Jack. He smiled quickly as he checked the clock, four am. Not unusual for the morning in the English winters, before the boy went to the kitchen. Next thing I know the oven was turned on and a metal pan placed on top. I hate those things. One of the things I hated most was the fact that to prevent the murder of my precious home, they had to install lights and gas ovens. I didn't like it. Let's just say it's because of those few months that my quiet life had been ruined, this home was nearly not sold. But it was done to every home as old as this, they nearly didn't find me. But soon enough they did and this happened. They left quickly, but I guess I couldn't always live my eternity alone, could I? The world grew and it's about time I did too.

But back to now, I had finally entered the kitchen to see this boy heating something up. I didn't care what it was it was like inhaling metal, not a pleasantry I can say that much about it. He was humming some song I've never heard while he made the drink and poured the thick liquid in to a cup, before turning around and making a confused face. He shrugged it off and began walking up the spiral staircase at the back of the home, up towards the master bedroom. I didn't have to move from the kitchen to know, I don't know why but I've always known where everyone is in this home, at any given point. I've just always known. I spent the rest of my day hidden. I was in a space of my own mind, it means that unless I want to lead this space, or I am called upon, I don't exist. It's almost like a sleep for us, except we don't need it. Well, I assume there are more of me. People like me. The dead that never got to die, never will die.

It was amusing to watch this couple together, it was completely different to the isolated lifestyle I lived alone. These two men are so in love, how could low life's like my father disagree with such a beautiful thing. Kinda makes me think what life would have been like if I grew up in such a forgiving time. Maybe that's why I never left the home. So, as I sat there, on the kitchen counter, watching two men fall even deeper into their love, I couldn't help but smile.

Oh mon ami, how some of us wish we even had the ability to love.

It grew in to a daily thing, to watch these boys. They were adorable. Kinda made me wish I could leave my home. I had spent their time asleep in the library, they have recently put more books in the home, so, I'm reading one. That was a bad mistake. I never want to read such a book ever again, I had no idea literature portrayed things in such a way that could entice me anymore. Once is finished a book however, usually every three days, one of them would change the book to something else. Mark would always pick some fact or historical book, sometimes even space. He has a lot of stuff about space. Jack usually puts down fiction, things like twilight and Harry Potter. They were good reads. I had eventually caught up with events, science advancements. Modern speech is like a completely different language! But fiction has grown so much. Way back when, it was almost impossible to find good fiction books, now it's so easy. Just over another month had passed, one month and seventeen days, before one of them spoke up about it. I wasn't there, but I heard them. As I placed down my final book, I heard them up in the drawing room, talking about bringing in someone to see who was here. Their talking about me. Someone finally pieced together that the other wasn't having midnight reading sessions.

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