The Seasons

A personification of the Seasons


1. The Seasons

With her robe of white silk trailing behind her as she wanders the earth, she frowns and a terrible temper

She visits once a year, bringing the chill of her presence with her

She is the eldest sister, and the most cold-hearted of all four sisters

No one can deny, she looks harmless at first, but she's as deadly as it gets

She cries rivers of tears that freeze and fall quickly to ground

She slowly creeps away after her three-month visit, but she'll be back again next year


Her smiles bring courage to the seedlings

She coaxes the animals out of their homes, burrows, and shelters

She brings warmth, love, and joy to the children, with her sunny face and green, flowing gown

She is the second eldest sister, and is the sweetest of all four of the sisters

She cries for hours, though, because all of the harm her sister has done is causing her pain and peril

Everyone is glad she's replaced her sister, and, even though she, with the bright personality, too, will only be here for three months, she'll be back next year.


She is the opposite of her eldest sister

She's always shining with her beautiful face

When she arrives, there's an optimistic air

The children love her to death

She's the second youngest sister, and the most fiery of all four of them

Everyone thinks she's harmless, but she's very deadly indeed

She usually ends up murdering the seeds that her sister worked so hard to make beautiful

Though she gives off quite a bit of heat when she's angry (and she almost always is), about everyone is glad to have her again 

They always feel sad at her parting (as she only stayed three-months), but she'll be back again next year


With her coat of many colors, she strides along, leaving both a warmth and a chill behind her

Many children hate her, as she makes them work, but many children love her, as she pulls the trees bare to give the them something to do

She's the youngest sibling, and the strangest of all four of them

The children have little time to spend with her, what with all of the work they're doing

She only stays three-months, and is forced to give her throne up to her eldest sister, but she'll be back again next year

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