Scientific Study: Testing new drugs! Testing takes place over a period of several weeks. Be prepared to stay away from family/friends for that period of time. Pays between $10,000 and $15,000. Must be relatively healthy and sign waivers/legal forms.

That ad appeared in the paper one day. Out of the blue. Vague enough to peak interest but enough information to get exactly what they wanted. What the lab, Icewyn Industries, really wanted was 'undesirables', but they'd never say it out-loud. The homeless. People without family or friends to miss them. Etc. Useless members of society. But this ad called to those who needed the money, more than anything. College kid with debts. Someone who screwed up and lost everything. Homeless. Kicked out of their family. The same general thought ran through everyone's mind who answered the ad.

Thousands of dollars for a simple drug testing. What could go wrong?

The answer is everything.

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