*Winner of the Bad Boy Fanfiction Competition* "Maybe you are broken. Maybe you're a smattering of jagged reds and dreamy blues and vibrant greens and sunny yellows, but Harry, all Kaleidoscopes are made of broken pieces, you know that. And still, they're all beautiful once you look past them, aren't they?" |In which she only saw the good, but he could only be the bad.


10. good girls


So she'd wait. Wait until he was ready. Wait until he was ready to come back, to settle down, to put himself back together. 

She'd wait with her kaleidoscopes lined up neatly upon her windowsill. 

Wait for his transplendence to last more than a fleeting fancy.

Wait for his headlights to go out, for the drive to take them somewhere, for him to be convinced that it doesn't always end.

It doesn't end, it doesn't end.

Wait for him to want to be put back together.

Wait for her kaleidoscopes to serve a higher purpose. 

Good girls always wait, they always wait. 


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