The Diary Of Julia Segerson

Julia Segerson is a Sophomore at Eastbay high, only 5 minutes away from Manhattan Beach. She's one of the most well known girls in school with a father who often gives her anything she wishes for. As she grew up Julia obviously thought that anything she wanted in life would just be handed to her. But she meets a new guy at a cafe near the beach who helps her realize that sometimes, its fun to work for things in life.


1. Me

"Julia! Darling!" Now that's a voice that could put a smile on my face any day. I let out a half laugh, half snort and turned around. 

"Doing some more tea lessons with your mom huh Chloe?" I asked with a smile. "Its crazy! She won't stop! I mean ever since...." She paused and her big smile turned into a frown instantly. I could tell she was thinking about when she got caught on her surfboard last month by paparazzi. I could see the headline in the magazine right now, Karla Rogers Daughter's Secret Discovered! In big bold letters. "You got caught." I said with a low tone, as I finished the sentence for her. Chloe has never been her parents idea of the perfect daughter. As Chloe was out on her surfboard, doing a crazy dare or scoping out the hottest guys at the beach. Her parents were daydreaming about what to do with their daughter next, go to the famous Louvre museum in Paris, or maybe even going to visit the queen of England. I distinctly remember the conversation her parents and I had as Chloe was getting ready for a party, when we were in 8th grade. They told me that they viewed Chloe as a poise and elegant figure. That was when I found out she was lying to her parents about her true identity and who she really wanted to be. And ever since last month she's been able to keep that a secret from her mom and dad. But now that they know, she's been taking posture lessons, and any lesson that you can think of, that would get you an invite from the queen of England inviting you to "chat" over tea.

Me on the other hand, I was that kind of girl who EVERYONE viewed as a selfish daddy's girl. When really I wasn't that way at all. At least, I don't think I am. I mean I guess I can see how people could think that. But whatever, if I really cared about what people thought of me, I wouldn't have anytime to spend at the beach or hanging with C. I'd be a foot deep in my grave if you asked me. 

When I got home from school on our last day. Me and C were already texting about what to do over the summer. Because her parents said that she had the summer left to do anything she wanted that was completely crazy before she became the daughter that they viewed. I stopped halfway through the hall, looked up, and there right in the middle of the living room lye a big gift bag. I quickly texted Chloe 

Gtg, love ya! 

And started for the bag when my dad walked in. "Julia, you better not be nose deep in that gift of yours." I rolled my eyes and stood up. "Well when can I open it?" I ask with my left hand on my hip, tapping my right foot on the ground. "Once the actual person that got it for you gets here." I stand there with a straight figure this team confused, "What do you mean? I thought you got this for me." His eyes catch mine after grabbing a glass of lemonade out of the fridge. "Nope, actually your aunt Susan got it for you, and she won't be here until next month." He looks at me and starts to laugh, spitting out some of his lemonade into the sink. "So I have to wait a whole month to open that big bag, with the most adorable and expensive little orange bow on the top?" Me and my father have a stare down. Then he scratches his forehead, which usually means he's annoyed, and its time for me to just accept the fact that this.. Gorgeous gift will be opened next month. I sigh and give up "Fine." A big smile occurs on his face, and I walk down the hall to my bedroom. 

I'm in the bathroom putting on my favorite lotion Be Enchanted, when I get a call from Chloe. I quickly wash my hands letting the phone ring for 4 or 5 more times. And pick up just in time. "Hey C! Whats up" I ask. "Oh nothing, I just wanted to inform you that Matthew Collins is having the most epic beach party tonight!!" She screams in complete and udder excitement. I wait a couple seconds as she makes a funny squeal into the phone. "You mean your ex-boyfriend Matthew Collins?" I ask in a little bit of a creeped out tone of voice. "Yeah, its not that weird. I mean were over each other, plus his parties are like... EPIC!!" She screams, once again making my eardrum want to burst open and just leave me hanging. I think for a few seconds and say "I'm in What should I wear?" She answers quickly "Just bring a cute and comfy dress, leggings a sweatshirt and a tee, flipflops and tennis shoes. Oh and I'd recommend a cute bikini." I laugh "Okay, talk to you later C." We hang up and I fly into my closet, walking aimlessly looking for the most perfect dress to wear to Matthews party. I find it somewhere between 5 minutes and quickly put it on. I'm gonna have the best summer ever. 

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