1. wake up...

He wakes up happy.
she wakes up next to a pig.
he wash the sleep of his face.
she washes off last night filth of her body.
he makes up his serials, ties up his work clothes.
she cooks the food and puts on a dress.
he takes cab usually to go to work.
she's used to be pushed around in the bus.
he took the bus today and set near the window.
she found today an empty chair.
his bus stopped at a red light.
her bus did the same.
he looked out the window and seen her eyes.
she was looking at nowhere when she crossed his eyes.
"what a beauty trapped in a sad face" he asked.
"where was he all my life" she asked.
"she is the one i must bring home" he said.
"he is the one i should've brought home" she said.
"i will make her my bride, my love, my life" he thought.
"he would have made me his princess, his queen, his wife" she thought.
he puts his hand on the glass.
she feels the heat of his hand on her arm.
the red light turn green.
his bus turn left, hers turn right.
it was like a beautiful dream.
but all dreams must come to an end.

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