The One With Half A Heart

Anna Jones was only 14 years old when her mother was shot, right in front of her and her sister, by a homeless guy in a tee and sweats. In this adventurous story, you'll hear about how she dealt with it, and what she is up to now.


1. Prolouge

2 years ago my sister and I went to the mini golf course for a girls day with my mom and without my dad. We ended up going to lunch afterwards at The Pizza Cart just down the street from where I go to school. When we were finished eating, we went outside ready to go home after the great day we had together. Who would have known it would be our last. My sister held my moms door open as she got into the car, laughing at one of my sisters corny jokes. While I ducked into the backseat hitting the top of my head on the rim of the door. My sister Piper noticed a man in a white shirt and sweatpants with something black in his pocket. Heavy, I remember my sister describing the object as he came closer. 

All of a sudden he pulled out the object as he emerged from behind the "welcome" sign just a few yards away from the car. He screamed at my mom yelling at her to give him a 20 dollar bill. Her voice shaky, she told him she only had a ten left. I finally could see the object clearly right after I realized he shot my mother. He looked at me square in the eye and then at my sister and pointed the gun, "I sincerely hope you have that money or you'll be saying goodbye as well." he exclaimed. My sister handed him a 20. And he ran off, as a slow and muffled siren made its way closer and closer. 

Before I knew it my dad was pulling up in his black Ford Focus, running up to my window. Slowly, I could see his mouth moving telling me to come out of the car and give him a hug. I looked at him, and started to cry. He opened the door and reached for my hand whispering "I know, I know" in my ear. Out of the corner of my right eye I could see Piper staring at the blood on the back of the front seat behind where my mother was sitting moments before. 

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