A Bad Boys Good Girl


1. chapter 1

~Bailey P.O.V~

"Bailey! Come on!" Mom yelled as I ran down stairs.

Today is my first day of school in the U.K.

~skip to school~

I walked into the office to see 5 very good looking boys sitting next to the principals office. The bad boys?

"Hi. You must be Bailey." The one with messy brown hair and ocean blue green eyes.

I just smiled and nodded.

"That's a pretty name." A guy with blonde hair came up behind me.

I looked down and smiled while biting my lip.

"She's biting her lip. So sexy." A boy with curly hair said staying in his chair.

I covered my face with my hands and giggled.

"You're so adorable." The blonde hair boy said then asked , " can I keep her?"

"No." A boy with a buzz cut like hair said.

"Anywhore, I'm Louis that's Niall, Liam, Harry, and the one in the far end chair in the dark corner is Zayn. Don't mess with him." The boy with blue green eyes said.

"But I want to mess with him." I said being stubborn.

"No." Louis said.

I ran passed him and sat down by Zayn and poked his cheek. At first I seen a slight smile then he quickly covered it up with a cold hard stare.

"Zaynine!" I said in a singy voice.

"Fine. Be a bitch." I said and walked to the front desk with the boys stare holding onto me with shocked expressions.

I got my schedule and went to my first class.

After 30 minutes into the class the Zayn guy came in and sat next to me.

I could physically feel all the girls glares burning into me.

"Ignore them baby." Zayn said loud enough for them to hear.

10 minutes before class was over we had to do partner work so Zayn and I worked together.

He's actually a very funny guy and easy for me to get along with.

~Zayns P.O.V~

We were just sitting there talking and joking around when I realized she was 100% easy to talk to. I feel like I can tell her all of my secrets.

I better be careful.

She's just so beautiful I don't want to hurt her. Physically.

I walked Bailey down to the main hallway at lunch time and convinced her to let me take her to lunch.

~Bailey pov ~

"Zayn. You're actually a good guy why do you have such a bad reputation?" I said.

He flexed every muscle in his body so I quickly added, "you don't have to tell me."

"It's not that I don't want to tell you. It's that I can't tell you." I was confused and I could tell that he knew I was.

There in McDonalds parking lot talking and laughing when he put his hand very high on my thigh.

"Zayn. No. I'm only 14 and you're 19." I stated. He pulled his hand away with hurt covering his eyes.

"Sorry." He whisper.

I felt bad so I said, "we can't go that fast. One day though." Then I pulled him close and smashed my lips onto his.

When I pulled away after he kissed back I said, " sorry I couldn't help it."

"It's cool. I've already was planning on doing that." He admitted.

"Ok then you won't mind if I do this." I said teasing him and rubbed my lips on his.

My hand found their way to his abs and started rubbing while Zayn and I made out.

Soon their was a siren blaring behind us.

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