The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

A story based on Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.

This story was written by Sahaana.

Isabella is reading the diary of a wimpy kid, before suddenly she is transported into the book, and sees the magic behind it.


1. The Transportation

One day a young girl called Isabelle was sitting on the blue couch, and reading her favourite book which was Diary of a wimpy kid. She loved reading the book so much because it was Entertaining.

"Isabelle dinner ready come and eat," her mum said.

"Wait mum I'm still reading my book ill come soon " Isabelle said.

But, suddenly she got transported inside the book! 

"HELP ME" Isabelle screamed.

She went into the world she asked Greg and said "Greg wait you're in a book I was reading".

Greg said "yeah people get teleported into the book when they read the book, it takes time to get out here come ill show you around"

"Ok" said Isabelle.

 "Here this is Rowley my Best friend and Holly I'll tell you a secret I have a crush on her." Greg said.

*Bell Rings* 

"Alright that's the bell lets go to class New girl"

In class She introduces herself

"hello I'm Isabelle got teleported in the book I'm 16 I Like Geography and Maths I Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid its my favourite book



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