Fatal Love

After Helen graduated high school, Calum thought that things would get better, but when their relationship starts getting more difficult to uphold, they both can't take it anymore.

Calum is about to leave for another tour and Helen knows what's to come. They both fall into a different world, one they're not familiar to. With nothing but drugs and the LA nightlife to fix Helen's broken mind, she feels hopeless. Calum turns to the reckless rock star life that comes with fame.

Things go from bad to fatal for Calum and Helen.


6. Chapter 6 : The Bank

Helen's POV


I slipped on my hettie black ankle boots and finished brushing my hair. Calum's voice echoed from the bathroom as he sung lyrics to a song I didn't recognize. He was a bit excited for our visit at the hotel nightclub. Earlier that day, we'd gotten an up close look at the Fountains of Bellagio and he had stared at them in amazement for an entire hour. We spent the rest of the day together. 

The clock striked eleven. Normally this is bedtime for a few folks, but in the Bellagio, the night is just getting started. The Bank opened at 10:30 late at night and closed early in the morning at 4.

"Babe," Calum called from the other room. "You ready yet?" 

"Yea," I replied as I walked out of the bathroom. 

"Luke and the others are already there," He said before I turned. My eyes skimmed his body. With his black Doc Martens, t-shirt and jeans that were also black, he looked like someone that would be eye fucking you throughout the night and practically begging for him to take you right then and there.

"Then we should get going," I replied, my eyes meeting his. 



It was a short trip to get to The Bank. Of course, bouncers stood outside the doors. We were on the guest list and all it took was a name for us to get in. The music was heard even before we got in. It was bigger than expected, with it's vast open space and high ceiling, the club was spacious. Pink, blue, and orange lights rained down on the scene. Elegant decorations hung from the ceiling. The glass-encased dance floor was packed with bodies. It created an amazing focal point in the center of the room. The state-of-the-art sound system got everyone going as music thumped from the speakers. The DJ at his booth as he bobbed his head to the music. 

The group had reserved a VIP room and seating as well. Calum's grip tightened on my waist as I pulled out my phone to text the group. 

Helen to group: Where are you guys?"

Madison: I'm by the bar, come over here and I'll take you guys back to where we are

We moved away from the entrance and walked deeper into The Bank.  After finding out that the club was much bigger than expected, we reached the bar. I looked out for Madison's blond hair, but soon found out it was useless because there too many blondes in the room. 

Helen to group: Maddie, I can't find you

Madison: I'm at the other bar

Helen: You mean to tell me that there's another bar? How big is this place?!

Before Calum got the chance to order his drink, I grabbed his hand and dragged him, yet again to another bar. 

"Hey," Calum shouted over the music. "What happened? You didn't even give me time to get my drink."

"There's another bar, that's where they are," I replied. 

After squeezing past various people, we had finally reached the correct bar. Sure enough I saw Madison. She waved at me excitedly and attempted to run, but her heels wouldn't allow it. She threw her arms around me and gave me a tight hug. 

"Helen!" She looked at me up and down. "You look amazing! That dress!" She squealed. "You might even look better than me."  I laughed. "Oh! Calum, hi." 

Calum smiled, "Hello Madison." 

"C'mon the rest are waiting for us already," She took my hand and led me to our reserved seating. 

We neared the circular booth that was full of my friends. They saw us and immediately scooted to make room for us. I slid in first and was greeted by what was left of the group. Knowing them, they'd probably be out dancing already. 

"Where's my brother?" I asked. 

"They went to get drinks," Brianna shouted over the music. 

Sure enough minutes later, Luke, Michael and Ashton all strolled back. Each was balancing a tray on their hands. They carefully set the trays on the table and proceeded to sit down next to Calum. The group reached for their drinks and asked the three boys which was which. 

I was about to reach for the tall glass when Luke stopped me and replaced my drink with a pina colada. A slice of pineapple was sat on the rim, topped with a single cherry, with a small paper umbrella to top it off. 

I looked at Luke with an 'Are you serious?' look.

He smiled widely at me and nodded, "Virgin." 

I groaned, "You're killing me Luke." I sipped the drink and was a bit satisfied by the sweet drink. Turns out the drink I was originally going for was a Mojito that Calum soon claimed as his. 

The group's conversation was drowned out by the music. I quietly sipped my colada and listened to the music. My gaze move to the woman in skimpy attire who were dancing on top of raised platforms that were surrounded by railing. They were all beautiful and I was envious of their confidence as they knew they had eyes on them. I wouldn't be able to do that unless I had a few alcoholic drinks in my system. 

Aero and Matty walked towards the table. I stood up and had to squeeze past the table and a few pairs of legs to reach them. I hugged them both. 

"i'm so glad you can make it," I smiled. I led them back to where I was sitting and Adin greeted them before they got their drinks. "Oh, ladies this is Aero Angelo and Matty Blaze," I told the girls. They smiled and waved. 

So the night went on. After finishing my pina colada I ordered something that wasn't virgin.I needed to get my mind off things and I needed to relax. I sipped my drink and was excluded from all conversations. Matty and Aero occasionally brought up a conversation with me, but it soon died down. Calum was busy with Luke, Michael and Ashton who were holding conversations of their own.  

"We're gonna go dance," Orla announced as she and a few girls got up from the seats and made their way onto the dance floor.

Calum got up and left to the bathroom, I presumed. A small sigh escaped my lips. 

"What's wrong?" Matty asked. 

i turned and gave him a weary smile, "Nothing." 

"You're quieter than usual," He stated. "C'mon." He took my hand. 

"Where are we going?" I asked. 

"To dance," he replied. "This is a good song and you look like you won't stand another minute of you sitting on your ass in that seat." He continued to drag me to across the club. 

"What about Calum?" I asked. 

"Well if he wants to, he can join you," Matty said. "Don't let anyone ruin this night, we're in Vegas for hell's sake!" 

We made it onto the dance floor and were immediately engulfed by an entire crowd of people who were already on the floor enjoying their time. The stench of alcohol, designer perfume, cologne and sweat all mended together in a closed atmosphere around us. 

Matty turned to me, "i've been waiting for this!" 

He began dancing and might I say, his dance moves were horrendous. If he began doing the sprinkler, I would walk away. Bottom line is, Matty can't dance to save his life. 

"You suck at dancing!" I shout over the music. 

The people around us were either grinding up on each other, swaying their hips or just jumping around, moving their bodies to the rhythm of the music. 

"Do what they're doing," I say before turning around when someone grabbed my hand. I came face to face with Orla who seemed satisfied that I came. 

"Glad to see you decided to join us instead of sitting on your ass," She said. 

"If it wasn't for Mr. Hot Shot over here, I probably would still be there," I jabbed a thumb towards Matty. 

"Well you're the one that was being all sad and shit," Matty defended. "I just wanted to help."

"And we appreciate it," Orla nodded. "Now, if you don't start enjoying yourself I'm gonna kick that little ass of yours." 

I smiled at her threat, but knowing Orla, she was being damn serious. One time when we were at camp back in freshman year, she told me she was going to throw a bucket of cold water on me if I didn't bunk to the bottom bed. Few minutes later, I was bathed with icy water that made my skin crawl. 

Orla nudged me with her hip telling me that time was ticking. I payed attention to the music that the DJ chose. It wasn't a bad song, but for my sake, I began moving to the beat. Orla nodded at me. Katy grabbed my hand and spun me around before releasing my hand once more. Matty had forgotten about me and was now dancing with Maleah. 

A man came towards Clary. Over the music, I couldn't hear a thing, but she seemed smitten by him and they soon left the dance floor to go for the bar. Every now and then, someone different would come up to one of the girls and either drag them off to the bar or begin to get close to them. Whether it be guy or girl, they didn't care. 

I began to get a bit lonely even though Orla was in front of me. A girl had attracted her attention, but she later told me about a guy who couldn't keep his eyes off her. She was indecisive of the situation. 

A smirk quickly played at the corner of her lips as she looked at something above my head. She looked at me, "Maybe I can convince them to have a three-way," She said. "Have fun," She turned on her heel and left me. I stood dumbfounded but before I could follow her, a pair of hands made their way onto my waist. 

"Having fun without me, I can see," I relaxed when I heard  the voice next to my ear. 

i turned and was met with Calum's smiling face. It wasn't hard to make out his brown eyes, even when we were bathed in colorful lighting. 

"I thought you were mad at me," He said. 

"What?" I laughed. "Why would you think that?" 

He shrugged, "You were a bit quiet and you also left without telling me." 

"Matty thought it'd be a good idea to get off my ass," I replied. 

"Well he's not wrong." 

"But before we continue, can we please get a drink, I'm gonna get dehydrated from all this dancing," I said and pulled him to the bar. This time no virgin drink. 



I didn't even want to open my eyes. Without lifting my head, I knew that the sharp pain behind my eyes meant that I was hungover. Maybe I really should've kept my drinks virgin. 

The curtains were preventing the windows from bathing us in pure white, blinding light. I pushed myself off the bed and squinted before rubbing my eyes. I looked around the room. Calum was laying next to me on the bed. His shirt was smeared with a green substance, I didn't bother doing any more investigation. 

I walked towards the bathroom but very clumsily slipped and fell on my face. A muffled groan escaped my lips as I pushed myself off the carpet and rolled onto my back. I stared up at the ceiling and dragged my hand down my face. The warm metal on my left hand made me glance at it. My eyes widened when I saw a silver band on my ring finger. A simple diamond on top of it. 

I quickly got off the floor and grabbed Calum's left hand. A feeling of panic surged through me as his own finger was also displaying a ring. I wasn't sure if I should wake Calum, even if I did, what would I say? 

Was this marriage even legal? Who wed us? More importantly, why would we get married? 

I shook Calum, in an attempt to wake him, "Calum. Wake up." 

No response. 

"Calum," I said, louder this time. 

"Mmm," A groan slipped form his lips. 

"Calum wake up," I repeated. 

His eyelids fluttered open and he squinted at me, "Baby," He paused, "What time is it?" 

I checked the time, "1:15." He buried his head in the pillow but I pulled on his arm. "Look." I raised my hand in front of his face. His eyes focused on the ring and his eyes widened. 

"Holy shit," he said and sat up. "Did we...did we get married?"

I pointed to his own wedding ring, "Looks like it." I sat next to him on the bed and rested my head on his shoulder. 

"What are we gonna do?" I asked. "My phone has been blowing up with DMs from people telling me congratulations on my new marriage!" 

"Who married us?" Calum asked. 

"Here, I found a video that Madison sent to me," I pressed the screen and we both looked at the video. 

We were no longer at The Bank, but at the girls' villa. It was huge and we stood outside, near the pool. Madison was going from girl to girl, asking them where I was. 

Finally, I came onto the screen and was wearing a dress that I knew wasn't mine. I looked absolutely done, gone, wasted. I internally cringed as I saw myself. I was a wreck. 

I skipped the video towards the ceremony. Turns out, a very drunk Luke wed Calum and I. Since Luke isn't ordained to perform a legal wedding, this simple Vegas, drunken mistake meant absolutely nothing. 

"Thank god," I mumbled. "I'm not ready for that," I chuckled and took off the ring from my left hand. I tapped the ring and realized that it was plastic. 

"What a night," Calum said. 

I nodded. He pulled me by my waist until I was sitting on his lap. He buried his head in the crook my neck and exhaled. 

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," He said. 

"Especially illegitimate weddings," I added.  

"I'll make sure I'm sober when we get married," He said. 

"When?" I asked a bit taken aback. 

"Yes, because I am definitely going to marry you Helen Hemmings and that's a promise."  

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