Eat Me

My entry for 2016 the poetry project


1. Eat Me

Sit there, lie there

taunt me, tease me

I refuse to believe you're just a freebie

stay still - Don't move!

It'll be hard for me to chose

to eat or not to eat?

I close my eyes

but I can still smell you

the heavenly whiff of icing

chocolate cake and cookies

strawberries, icing ice cream cake, icing

ice cream, yogurt, pudding, muffins, icing

cupcakes, fig bars, donuts, fruitarts, icing!

Icing! The strong scent of icing!

I can hear Mother in the other room typing!

It's as if these are your words reaching for me

speaking to me


Eat Me. 

I take a cupcake

Sneak a bite

an instant burst of sugar and delight

clash like two opposing waves

I devour my first and take 

one more

Mum won't miss one cookie

I say this after four

Mum won't this figbar 

theses strawberries or these pudding cups

this ice cream cake or the donuts

these fruitarts, the yogurt

or even this chocolate cake

If it's not there

then she won't know it was there

in the first place.

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