My Brother Ashton

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved in with her farther and his new wife and her brother ashton in Australia after her mom passed away in a car crash. It means a new beginning for her, she has to leave her only friends to begin at a place where she is bound to be hated. What happens when she meets Luke and the others do feelings take over? Is it true love or do they just feel sorry for her because of her past.. will she survive or just break like before


5. Memory plans

Ashtons POV

"Im gunna kill lily! why the hell did she need to threaten my sister she has done nothing to her nothing. Taylor doesn't deserve this if that girl dares to step near my sister or even message her again!" I screamed with anger. "Look just calm down ash you don't want to make matters worse for her" Luke says looking at Taylor who was asleep in his lap. "Make matters worse? Taylor passed out she was obviously upset or she wouldn't have looked herself in the bathroom and I don't think anyone would be okay with a text like that! Lily's a bitch I swear ill kill her" I screamed with more anger. "Look just calm down you don't want to wake her" Michael says gesturing in Taylors direction. To this I only nodded and sat down. "say what was she doing in that bathroom anyway Luke? I mean your the one who got to her first" I said looking in his direction. "umm" Luke sighed "she had a blade in her hand but I knocked it out the way and then she just blacked out" He looked down. "why would she do that? how could she do that" I look round the room to see the boys just looking down. To this I walk out to the balcony so I can get fresh air and try and make sense of it all.

Taylors POV-

Slowly I begin to wake up. As I open my eyes I slowly sit up to find myself in my room on my bed. Once I completely sat up I notice Luke sitting at the end of my bed on his phone. "hi..." I say in almost a whisper. To this he looks up at me "Oh hey umm, you okay?" he asks looking at me with a gentle smile. Slowly I nod my head and return the smile. I look to my balcony to see the others out there with Ash. Slowly I get up and move to where Luke was at the end of my bed. "You gave me a scare" he said looking at me "sorry" I replied looking down. "Taylor your awake" I hear someone scream as they tackle me to the bed with a hug. Looking up I see ashton staring at me with worried eyes. I return the warm hug back to him and stand up. Michael gives me a smile as I stand up and Calum rushes over to me and gives me a hug which I also return.

I walk over to my dressing table and sit down on the little stall and fix my hair. "so is there something you want to tell us.." I turn to see ashton looking at me and then look to Luke who had lowered his head. "uh... um im really sorry I should have told you when I first came" I said lowering my head "why do you do that to yourself, you don't deserve it" Ashton said looking at me worried. "well um.. I don't know I mean I just struggle, I have always been alone after mum and dad got the divorce I was so upset to leave you to and then I had a hard time at school" I said looking down "why what happened?" Calum asked looking at me. "just problems and I was in an abusive relationship for a while so I ended up doing drugs and drinking to ease the pain but It didn't work so I resulted to well... you know?" I said hiding the tears in my eyes. "its been worse over the years I learnt to control it but im struggling I mean after mum died I had to leave my few friends start a new life again and its just hard.." I say feeling embarrassed. As I look up I see the boys all with a sad expression on their faces. Ashton rushes up to me and gives me a big hug. "Taylor nothings gunna happen, your safe now you have us we will always be here for you so don't ever feel like your alone" I thank him and give him a massive hug back as well as thanking the other boys.

"Right so what should we do today then? I mean its only 11am and its a lovely day plus we need to make some amazing memories for tay to be happy about" Calum says smiling at me. "PIZZA!!!" Michael screams. We all laugh. "what about the beach as its a nice day?" Calum suggests, Luke smirks. "How about we get pizza for lunch then make our way down to the beach after?" Ashton then suggests. "Sounds like a plan" I agree with Ashton. " Right then that's our day Michael you take Calum and Luke home so you can all get yourselves ready and then ill pick you lot all up, me and tay will leave about 12:30 and then once we got you lot we will get on with our plans" Ashton decides and we all nod in agreement.

Me and Ashton say goodbye to the boys as they leave. "Right you go get yourself ready and ill call up when we have to leave, love ya little sis" Ash smiles "love you to ashy" I giggle. At this I head upstairs back to my room. I make my bed and open up my door to the balcony to let in some fresh air. I then look through my draws to find a bikini. Hmm what do I chose I have so many its soo hard. I kinda wanna wear something sexy but im not exactly pretty, I think ill wear me blue and white stripped one. The bottoms tie up at the side and then the top part does up round the neck it really goes with my pale skin. I take of my clothes and put on the bikini and stand infront of the mirror. After telling they boys a little about what happened in England and how I felt I feel a little better about myself and less ashamed. Its nice to know they are willing to support me. I grab my water-proof foundation and place some on the tops of my thighs to hide the scratches left from the cuts when I first came here. I then grabbed a pair of black, ripped high-waisted shorts and put them on with a white crop top. I then went and sat infront of my mirror and brushed my hair. I decided to put it into a messy bun so it wouldn't get wet in the water and it kept it out my way.

After I grabbed my small black rucksack. I put in a towel, some suncream, underwear, water, my purse and a jacket incase it got cold. Having a look at the time (which read 12:20) I grabbed my phone and made my way downstairs. As I reached the bottom I put on my black vans and made my way to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. Taking a bite I made my way to the living room. "Ashton!" I shouted "Its time to go"

About 2 minutes later ash came running down the stairs "ready?" he asked, I nodded. We then made our way down the drive to his car and set of to pick up the boys.

Hey guys! Hope your enjoying the book so far, please leave your comments and ill try my best to update as much as possible love you guys <3









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