The Legend of Lapis

In the world of Aspectus, both humans and creatures, especially dragons live in peace. One dragon, Lapis, enjoys this peaceful life; soaring over the villages and towns, meeting new people and flying with the birds and the clouds. But one day, a darker form, the Iridescent, emerges out of the droughts of the Purple Deserts and uses his dark magic on the world to change the once peaceful world into a war zone, and it's up to Lapis to stop this madness before things get more chaotic.


1. The Legend of Lapis

         The bright blue sun awoken Lapis. Long shadows from the trees in the forest kept growing as the dragon stretched his long silver wings in the summer air. Summer was the perfect time of the year, since in the world of Aspectus' the only season was Summer. "How could that be?" you say readers. I'll explain. Summer brings warmth and sunshine, Autumn brings different colors of leaves from trees, Winter brings no leaves on trees and snow and lastly, Spring brings back the flowers and warmth. Same goes for Aspectus, but instead they only follow four seasons, such as season one is like Summer, season two like Autumn, season three like Winter ( no snow ) and season four like Spring. 

           Lapis made his way to the small pool of water near him and started drinking from it. Smaller birds of all different colors, some others rainbow, watched the grey dragon lift his head away from the water. And in just a couple of small seconds, Lapis flew straight up into the air as all of the trees shook with the mighty force that he had made. The clouds were like floating castles as he soared this way and that, doing loops, spinning, twirling and spiraling in the sky. In the distance to his right, he saw four dragons playing around with the clouds. One was orange with red stripes, the second one was pure black, the third a light purple with blue dots on his wings and the fourth one a light sky, blue. I really didn't mind having any company around me, he thought to himself everyday, I like the quietness that surrounds me like a soft blanket.

              All of that day, besides flying a whole lot, he went to different villages, cities and towns. People at his destination would greet him kindly, for every human and every creature in Aspectus was friendly with one another. Children would climb on his tail and crawl under his wings like it was some sort of tent. The elderly would bring him loaves of spiced bread, sliced meat from the finest fish caught and some of their crops, and would put them in Lapis' small satchel that he always carried. Though his personality might have frightened you readers out there ( his skin looked like real stone and his eyes were the color of white), everyone else in Aspectus saw him as the most generous of all dragons. After visiting the last city, Lapis was making his way to the mountains near the Purple Desert to rest when something caught his eye down below. A tiny yellow light shown on the ground below him. Strange, he thought, the sun is down. But the sun wasn't down, for titanic tumultuous blue clouds started rolling and emerging with one another. Lapis landed far away to get a closer look at this light, wondering why it wasn't an object, when suddenly a yellow pale hand came out of it. Then another hand came out and was pulling itself up, showing a young man with a blood, red uniform, golden belt and dark black boots.

             The man strolled over to a small naked tree and broke off one branch. Lapis glanced even harder as he witnessed the man turn the branch in his hand to a bruise, purple cloak that stretched out far. After putting this on, the man made his way towards the small mountains ahead of him. I should probably follow him, Lapis thought, but if I'm going to do that I'm going to have to be sneaky. After at least several hours, they were out of the deserts and were on top of a grassy hill facing a city. Lapis knew this city. This was were he told stories to all of the children and helped people building their houses. The strange man then grabbed something out of his pocket, which looked like a small pile of ashes, and threw it into the wind that was blowing towards the city. After a minute or two, screams could be heard, followed by the sounds of swords as a horde of soldiers were running towards a small village just a few miles away. Lapis was still with the man, but witnessed soldiers killing innocent people and arresting the women, children and elderly. After two other visits of towns and cities and the man doing the same thing to them, Lapis had seen enough.

                  It was already sunrise as they made their final destination. Lapis barely knew this place. It was a long, green plain with a small cobblestone castle in the distance. That's it, Lapis thought, this man has killed innocent lives by his powers, it's time I do the right thing and stop being afraid of what's in front of me. Lapis drew a long breath and flames were floating out of his mouth. But just as he was about to exhale all of the flames and rage at him, the man turned swiftly, facing Lapis, and lifted his opened hand, pushing Lapis against the cliff wall that was behind him and turn into the wall, leaving the main markings of the dragon. 

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