The government has been overrun by a team of equipped spies, who travel the globe in search for 10 warriors, who may be able to stop the world from succumbing to a deadly fate. However, is there any humanity left to save?


6. 6

The guy's forehead was slicked with sweat, and he peeled back the sleeves of his shirt effortlessly, and wiped his face with the back of his hand. He walked over to the group, limping slightly from his torn feet, and Ariana exclaimed,

"Jason! I thought you'd been killed. I heard the gun shots, and you weren't in the dorm." She ran to hug him.

Jason spoke, chuckling;

"Glad to know you had so much faith in me Ari. You think I couldn't have handled that thing on my own?"

Ariana shrugged and laughed, glad to know Jason was alive and well, apart from his feet. Her face fell.

"We need to get you to a doctor. If they even have doctors in this place anyway." She answered sorrowfully.

Zoe suddenly realised, in spite of all the commotion, that they were still in this colossal building, with no idea where they were. And she sighed, harder than she ever had before. Chase stepped over to her, leaving Jason and Ariana to 'catch up'.

"What's on your mind?",

Zoe threw her hands up in frustration. But, she was glad to have someone like Chase around. Someone who actually cared. And she leaned against the cool blue walls, tapping her foot in time as she spoke:

"We need to find out who's in charge of this place. I'm sick of it already, and the smell of that 'Sleagon' is giving me a headache."

Chase sighed in answer, he too leaned against the cool blue walls, tapping his foot.

"I know, I don't think I can sleep tonight anyhow. Not after having that creature" - he motioned to the now large black glob on the icy floor - "stalk us around this place."

Breaking the silence, a scream pounded down the hall.

Guards ran from the left, wielding machine guns, and they sprinted off down the corridors.

"I have an idea". Chase whispered to Zoe.

"Follow them?" she questioned.

"Yeah, lets go." 

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