Death Can Dance

When you're dancing with him, how can you stop? For when your feet stop, so do you.
. This is the original image, 100% am not claiming it!


1. Death Can Dance


I never have danced before,
Yet my feet knew where to go,
My body spun grasping for more,
I felt as if my skin was almost aglow.


Was it the black lure of his hollow eyes?
Or the fire which spat from his breath?
This was a move I should have revised,
But who can say, they've danced with Death.


A chill crept along my skin,
My complexion fading to white,
I felt my body shrinking, stick thin,
Though this was a dance, it's also a fight.


I know I won't win, that is clear to see,
Though I won't give up easily.
As I twirled and spun and so freely danced,
He let go of my hand and threw a last glance.


I fell to the floor, my body grew weak,
I know my future is far from bleak.
As I close my eyes, a tear slipping through,
I know there was nothing I could do. 


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