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I'm not sure as to whether you reading this will excite you in anyway. But maybe the best inspirations come from the real world. We come for the fantasies and the cliché's. A dash of dork, a sprinkle of nerd, 1 cup of rants, a teaspoon of reality

Why not mix it up a little?


3. love and stuff

I love romance as much as the next person. Sure I want the whole cuddling and having Someone you like by your side. The thing is, I'm not exactly up for it at the moment.

Do you ever just get like that? Like the whole "I want someone but I don't." The whole "I'm too busy with books and Supernatural and do I really want to give up Misha Collins?" When you like the way things are and you're not missing anything.

I used to want to be in a relationship. I wanted to have a boyfriend and to able to hold someone and have someone love me back but because of events I'm sure to retell later, I'm just not into it anymore.

You don't need a person to make you happy. You need yourself. You are the only one in control of your feelings and frankly I feel great without the "other half"

It's funny, how much I get told "don't worry hon, you'll find someone" or get asked "so who do you like?"

For the first time in my life, I haven't liked anyone. No one catches my attention in that way and it's actually almost relieving.

"What about you?" Nathan had asked a few days back. "When are you gonna get back out there?"

Such a funny thing for him to say. For one; I was never "out there" I never dated anyone and whenever I got close to dating someone I felt like it was wrong. Like that person wasn't someone I should date.

Two; Nathan, after the mess of events that happened with you, I've decided it's best NOT to like someone. It's not that I "Don't believe in love" it's the whole liking someone business that I've done my whole life that finally got tiring. And once I decided that I was done, I became far more happier than I was creating sentimental attachments to a guy.

If someone comes along and changes that then great! It was inevitable and who ever that is is someone that makes me happy. But for now I'm okay.

You should create your own happiness, not rely on a certain someone to be the only reason for your happiness.

Guess that's what I have to say on this topic. More for later.

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