Trials of the Junsuikaoni: Rise of the Junsui Hunters (Book 2)

Following a painful betrayal, Noah has succumbed to the pull of his demon side and as a result, he has become emotionless and indifferent to the world. He's determined to become stronger and unlock the full potential of his demonic powers, however as he does this, he's pulled deeper into darkness and further away from his humanity. He will struggle to decide if he will push himself to his max at the sacrifice of his humanity in order to face his brother Judas or if he'll stand with his friends, who've gone through changes of their own, as they rise to become an Elite Junsui Hunter team and rid the world of hostile Bakemon one monster at a time. This is the second chapter of Noah's journey to stop the hands of fate and change his destiny.


10. The Flipside Behind Enemy Lines

“How long do you plan to keep us here? What do you plan to do to us? We want answers!” Several of the citizens yell out these questions to a trembling Theo.

“I…I’m not…they are the ones…I’m just…I, I, I only-.” Theo stutters gibberish.

“What, are you actually trying to say you’re not like them? You’re Bakemon scum all the same and you’re not welcome here. To think you have a right to sympathy after you and your “Boss” annihilated three-fourths of our prefecture? Not a chance, not by a long shot!”

Several people chime in with shouts of agreement and the crowd begins to get more restless. Theo is terrified, but still attempts to plead his case. “I wanted nothing to do with that! It was the others who did that, I refused to do it! I’m only guilty by association. I never wanted-.”

“Stuff it kid! I already told you, that’s no excuse. If you really felt that against it, then you would’ve done everything in your power to stop them or die trying. You’re a coward!”

Theo has nothing to say back as on that account the man was right. He is a coward and he always has been. He’s always let people bully him into doing things he didn’t want to and never fought back because he was scared. He was scared of rejection, of isolation, of being seen as a failure and terrified of being sent away. That is what scared him the most because he had no one to turn to but Boss. Before he took him in, Theo was alone, left abandoned by parents he never met and had to fend for himself. However, one day when some of the local kids were beating on him, like a ray of light, this person shows up and sends those kids running home crying without even lifting a finger. Then that person leaned down to Theo, only five at the time and says, “I can sense it, you are a very special boy. I can give you a home and a family, would you like that?”

Theo looked at this person, more beautiful than anyone he’d ever seen before, radiant and warm as though they really were an angel and it was in that moment that Theo pledged his life and loyalty to that person, his savior, his father, his everything; Marcosias Orion. He helped him understand who he was and what it meant to be a Risen and how Theo was different from him and his Fallen siblings. He learned all about the Bakemon and came to understood their way of survival. He wasn’t a fan of the human hunting that those in the sect partook in, but he understood it was necessary for survival. However, Fallen and Risen did not need to do this.

He was happy that Boss kept those activities confined to a controlled area and didn’t allow unnecessary killing. He really thought that he was a good, honest person who just wanted to help his fellow Bakemon survive in this cruel world and live in happiness. However, at some point Theo began to realize that Boss was not the person he thought he was. He realized that he was a much more ruthless and sinister man then he’d ever imagined and had only been passing the time until it came time to reveal his true intentions. Even though Theo began to see his other side, he had no idea what he was actually planning until just a month ago.

He had asked him a few months ago to go on a mission for him and he never refused him, so this time was no exception. He told him about Nik and his team and said that he wanted to approach them about a partnership, but needed more information on them before he made his proposition. All he told Theo he had to do was to get close to them and relay their personalities to him and that the best way to do that would be to target Nik. Theo wasn’t really sure if he could do it since he’d have to be romantic with another guy, when he didn’t even know how to be romantic with a girl. However, once he had met Nik for the first time, everything suddenly fell into place. He’d never even considered the fact that he could be gay, or Bisexual for that matter since he has been attracted to girls, until that night. He was only asked to pretend, but to his surprise, he wasn’t pretending at all and unexpectedly he fell for Nik and it’s only gotten stronger since. Being with Nik has been the happiest time of his life, but now it’s over.

When Boss had finally told Theo the true plan and told him what role he wanted him to play, for the first time in his life under Boss’s care, he refused. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, most of all Nik. The look of devastation he’d seen on his face just hours ago haunts him, knowing he could have very well been the one to cause him to make that face and it would have killed him. However, even though Grant ultimately did what he couldn’t, he still feels responsible for Nik’s pain because he knew it was going to happen, but he did notthing to stop it. He wants to insist there was nothing he could have done, but in this moment he can’t help but think that he didn’t try as hard as he could have, just as the man said. He hated what Boss was doing, but at the same time, this man was still the only real family he had, especially since the others didn’t take to him and felt he was a stray mutt that Boss took in out of sympathy. Even now, they all look down on him, but Boss has always been on his side, even after he refused. It’s because of this fact that he couldn’t bring himself to revolt against Boss, who was like a father.

Maybe he should have tried to do more before this all happened, but now it’s too late. More lives than he wants to think about have been lost, Nik despises him and the only man he’d ever looked up to has become an evil god who wants to take over the world. So there’s nothing for him to do but to watch and babysit all these people as he was instructed and wait for death. He may be a coward and scared of many things, but this is the one thing he’s never feared and would easily welcome. Despite all his weaknesses, he’s never once been afraid to die.


“You think the mutt is holding up in there? I’m sure those weaklings will figure out he’s as useless as they are eventually and rise up against him. Not that I’m complaining.” Evan is smug as he stands on the rooftop of a tall building across from City Hall with his companions.

“This is a world of kill or be killed. They will surely rise up and either he will fight and survive or he will cower and fall, there can be no other option. If he dies, then he was simply too weak.” Grant has an expression of indifference as he says this, very characteristic of him.

“Who cares! All I want to know is when those losers are gonna show up. I’m tired and really want to take a shower. I’m covered in the stench of peasants, it’s almost as bad as having Gunther’s disgusting rabbit stench from always playing with that dirty thing and then wanting to cuddle up on me. You have no idea how many times I almost blew cover over that thing. Don’t even get me started on the sex. He’s all about feelings and love and wants to cuddle while we talk about life and all I want is for him to be in and out and to maybe have a half decent release. I mean seriously, it’s a wonder he’s not gay with how sensitive and in touch with his emotions he is and he’s even got the soft and gentle features to show for it. It was the worst month of my entire life!” Lea rants with an entitled attitude as the others smile in amusement.

“Oh, was it not everything you had hoped for? I suppose all those feelings would be lost on someone as selfish as you. The only person you love is yourself.” Evan grins at her.

“Well the laws of the universe state that theoretically someone has to love her, so what better way to ensure that than by loving herself?” Grant is still indifferent, but smiles slightly.

“Screw you both! I do love myself and I’m quite proud of that. It’s not my fault you two are too inadequate to get anyone to fall in love with you. Everyone loves me, that’s a fact.”

“Hey, I take offense to that. I’m not “inadequate” in anything. In fact, Kira loved me so much that she never saw through me and it was ultimately her demise. I’m still a bit broken up about it to be honest. I really did like her and that daughter of hers is a cute little thing herself. However, even I have morals against targeting girls that young and the daughter of the woman I’m being intimate with at that. Besides, I’m pretty sure any chance I had flew away with her mother’s soul, who she watched me crush with her own eyes.” He laughs out loud. “Oh and for your information Lea, Kira was QUITE satisfied with my performance thank you.”

“Well then, she clearly has simple standards. As expected of a lowly human.” Lea looks at Eve. “You’re awfully quiet, do you not want to join in this conversation or are you reminiscing about your precious Mai? I never expected that you of all people would have fallen for your target. I mean, what’s even special about her? She must be something to make you commit to only being with her for a whole month. The Eve I’ve always known as my sister would never go a night without having a pretty girl in her bed and never the same one twice. Yet, you were with her every night and even went as far as to act like a real girlfriend. It’s so surreal.”

Eve, who had previously had a neutral expression, became suddenly annoyed. “Don’t be ridiculous, I didn’t love her, I was just doing my job. She’s not the type to be easily fooled by kindness like Gunther is, she’d have seen through me in no time if I’d approached it the way you did. I found the crack in her shield, her weakness, and snuck in through that. To make sure I could stay inside I had to play my part as though it was real. She needed to believe that I genuinely wanted to ease her pain and make her happy. Though ultimately, I don’t think it would’ve mattered what I did, Lili is just about all that she lives for and she’s so lovesick over her that it’s literally driving her crazy. If I wasn’t there to distract her and let her release her pent up tension, she surely would’ve crumbled by now. Especially the more she starts to realize that she’s never going to win her heart. As much as Lili may admire and rely on her, the fact is that she’s never going to be IN love with her, even though there’s no doubt she loves her. But that love is more like one of a protector, a prince or a big sister she adores. She liked to say that Lili just doesn’t understand how to love yet, and although it’s a factor, that’s not the real reason. She seemly just isn’t in love with her, I’ve been with enough women to know, now they both just need to realize it. I was always there for her in the way Lili wasn’t, yet she still looks only to her.” Although she meant to contain it, everyone can hear the bitterness in the tone of her voice.

“Want to switch partners then Eve? I’m not sure I can fight Kira’s daughter in good conscious out of respect for her memory and you seem to have a bone to pick with Lili anyway, so I’d be happy to take Mai off your hands. I’ve heard all about her from Kira, who Lili was always talking to about her conflict with Mai and so she sounds like a challenge I would love to have. What do you think?” Evan looks at Eve with a smirk as he waits for her answer.

Eve thinks about it seriously and finds herself actually considering the idea, but then Grant interjects. “No. No switching. Boss gave us clear orders and assigned us to the targets he wants us to face, so we will honor his wishes.” He’s stern and unrelenting, no one dares object.

“Ah well, that’s that I suppose. Though if we should pity anyone in all this, it’d definitely be Theo-dork. He had seriously fallen for that hot head. What a fool. He proves himself to be just as much of a child as his age defines him to be. Boss took him in when he was five, still a baby basically, but at that time we were all already in our teens or more. You two were 14 and Grant and I were the big brothers at 28 and 30 respectively. Anyway, the fact of the matter is he was an outsider in every respect, yet Boss favored him so much. Even though he was a Risen. I still don’t understand what he wasn’t thinking even to this day. Boss so mysterious.”

“Well, say what you will about him, but we should at least respect the fact that although he was clearly against all of this, he didn’t attempt to stop us. I mean, not that he could’ve actually stopped us, but he could’ve outed our plans to them and jeopardized them. It’s clear that his loyalty to our family was never in question, even if he actually had the gall to refuse Boss.”

“It would have made no difference in the end Eve. Even if they had known our plans, they couldn’t have stopped us. A passive Junsui demon leader and his half-breed hybrids are not nearly strong enough to defeat us, let alone defeat Boss, especially as he is now. If they show up, it will simply be for their executions.” Grant is still indifferent, but also has a sinister tone.

“Well duh, of course they don’t stand a chance, that’s exactly why I don’t think they’ll show up. I’m sure they’re cowering in a corner like the sad excuse for living beings they are-.” Lea’s sentence is suddenly cut off by a sudden burst of flame that appears in front of them.

They all quickly jump back and away from the flames and on the adjacent roof stand five figures. Nik stands on the edge with a smirk as he holds a flame in his hands as he says, “So, you were saying…?” Behind him, the other three stand glaring, with their hands up, ready to fight.

“Well, well, look at this. I guess you guys are braver then I gave you credit for. I guess I’ll give you some praise for that. Though I’ll have to deduct some on punctuality, as we’ve been waiting quite a while for you four to show up.” Evan walks forward and with a sudden jerk of his arms outward as his forearms are bent and his fists are in a ball, he transforms.

His black wings protrude from his back, stretching across wide and his eyes go all black temporarily, but then return to normal, with a darker tinge. His body still looks more or less the same, just as angels look the closest to humans of all Bakemon in their transformed states, so do the Fallen. However, there light energy has been stripped and they have dark energy instead, as a price for their sin. The others line up beside him and transform as well and now they each stand across from their respective targets as they have a face-off, waiting for someone to make the first move.  “Well, it looks like we’re all dressed up and ready to go, so what do you say we get this thing started?” Evan smirks, taunting them and having had enough, Nik is the first to react.

“With pleasure!” Nik jumps up to their rooftop, just a few inches above theirs and charges straight for Grant. The others follow right behind him towards their targets and their opponents do the same. Within seconds, they each make contact and a chaotic light show begins.


Noah approaches the city center, where just as he promised, Marcosias is waiting. As Noah comes into view, Marcosias smiles and says, “So you’ve come. Excellent, I was worried.”

“Yea well, I heard you were talking shit about me and my friends, so I had to come and teach you a lesson. Only I can talk bad about them. I’ll make sure to claw the mouth off of you so that you’ll never be able to do it again. Oh and I kind of just want to kick your ass too.”

“You’re confident, I like that. I can see even more so why Ouran is so taken with you. I know you’re quite upset about what he did, but I ask on his behalf for you to forgive him. Believe me when I say he really didn’t want to hurt any of you, he was trying to save you.”

“Don’t bring Ouran into this, and don’t think I’m going to go easy on you just cause you’re her father. What you’ve done is unforgivable and I’m sure Ouran will understand. Besides, she doesn’t even like you. Se spent countless days when we would hang out talking about you and how much she wishes she never knew you. She blames you for abandoning her.”

“Well, that’s true and I’ve spent my days feeling remorseful for that, but there are things he wouldn’t understand about that situation unless he talks to me, but he won’t so, there’s not much I can do about that. I just want what’s best for him, but he hates his reaper side so much that he’d rather suffer then give into his natural urges. It truly hurts me so. My poor son.”

“Why don’t you explain yourself then. If he won’t talk to you, then I will. I’ll be your confessional before you die. Then maybe one day, if we ever find a way to be friends again, I’ll tell her your finals words and explanation. How’s that sound? Oh, and Ouran is both a girl and guy you know, so it’s rude to constantly just refer to her as a male. She wouldn’t like it.”

“I’m well aware of Ouran’s preoccupation with his gender, but I see him as my son and will refer to him as such. Besides, why do you care so much? Aren’t you still mad at him?”

“Our current relationship doesn’t reflect on our past, I’m making a note of that. Anyway, I’ve had enough of this. Are you going to tell me your side before I destroy you?”

“There really isn’t much to tell. I met Ouran’s mother by a chance encounter. It wasn’t long after I had Fallen and I was feeling lost. She was alone too and things happened as they tend to and suddenly, I was about to be a father. However, I wasn’t ready to be a father then and I left, but I entrusted my friend, who just happened to be your father with their safety. I guess Mikael couldn’t resist her pull either and so he stayed with them and became a father to Ouran. However, when he’d gotten word from me that Demetrius, your eldest brother was here in Hokkaido, he knew he had to come here to meet him and try to make things right. Sadly, he had to leave them behind as well to do so and that ended in tragedy for Ouran. His mother committed suicide and he was alone and forced to find himself on his own. However, I found him once he’d come to Wakaba and it was then that I realized he was a reaper. Apparently, his mother was mixed and was half Risen, unbeknownst to her I assume and thus Ouran was born a reaper. But due to him being part human as well as a reaper, his true nature lied latent for a while, which is why neither I or your father noticed. If I had known, I surely wouldn’t have left him alone.”

“You know, both you and my father have some skewed morals. He said the same thing about leaving Ouran. Apparently your kids really mean nothing if they are human huh? It was the same with Tahno and how our father kind of forgot about him until he was needed. Well whatever, I’m tired of talking, so let’s do this.” He transforms and then lunges at him with vigor.


**Author's Note: I just want to make a slight amendment to this chapter. I previously had it where Evan said they were all in their late teens or more when Theo was taken in, but I realized those ages were not quite right for their current ages now. So I have changed a couple of sentences to reflect the proper ages. Eve and Lea were 14 back then and are 28 now. Grant was 28 back then and is now 42. Evan was 30 back then and is now 44. Just as an age check for everyone else: Theo was 5 back then and is now 19, Noah and his team, Ouran, Rachel and Judas are almost 20, Tahno just turned 26, Rebecca is 35, Mikael is 40, Remy is 39 and Marcosias is 41. Vera and Viktor were 50, Liam 46 and Kira 45. Hiro is 60 if you were wondering, though he's not significant to the story anymore so I don't think it matters lol (Just as an FYI). Sorry for that and I hope there is no confusion anymore about their ages. Thanks!

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