Tina and Thom

Timur and his twin sister Tanya have tried everything. But, they decided that getting a puppy was just not for them, just like Mama had said. Then, on their twelfth birthday, they are surprised.
"This is not at all what I expected," said Tanya.
"Neither did I," replied Timur.


1. Hi

Hey, I'm Tanya.

Hi,I'm Timur, her twin brother. Yeah, and if your wondering why my name sounds weird, me and Tanya are from a Russian/Ukrainian family.

I don't think that they understand yet, Timur.

My name is a name that is normal in Russia. Good enough?

Whatever. We both go to Russian school (a school that teaches you everything about Russian), but we both aren't very good at speaking it.

We're both really smart and we love sports.

And we both wanted a dog for what seemed like forever.

This journal is how we ended up getting Tina and Thom.

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