Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness

Set in the never before seen region of Zeclye, 14 year old Vin goes on a journey to become powerful enough to challenge his father. But a dark organisation is out there, and they are using wild pokemon for some dangerous experiments. Follow Vin as he becomes stronger while attempting to save the world from the darkness that is about to be unleashed


1. Vin...8 Years Ago

Zeclye Region, Sharpton Village, 7:45 Monday, 2008

A soft wind blew through the small village, the green grass gently swaying from side to side. A young boy ran along the grass, chasing after a young girl. The girl suddenly tripped and fell onto her stomach.

As she began to stand up, the boy poked her in the shoulder. “Got you!” He yelled in excitement before running in the opposite direction. The girl laughed and chased after him, calling out to him.

“You won’t get away from me” she called out before running faster. She caught up to the boy and tackled him to the ground, landing next to him and laughing. “Got you, Vin” she said.

Vin stood up and extended his hand to the girl, who grabbed his hand. Vin helped her stand up before patting her on the shoulder. “Alright, you got me” he said. The girl smiled and looked to her left.

2 small houses sat side by side while a large laboratory sat behind them. Past the laboratory was a large forest. The girl looked at the forest and sighed. “Vin, do you think our parents will ever let us go out there?” she asked.

Vin looked towards the forest and smiled. “I don’t know, Lily. They say it’s too dangerous for us to explore” he replied. Lily shook her head and began to run towards the forest. “Why don’t we go and explore a little bit?” She asked.

Vin suddenly chased after Lily, shaking his head and calling out to her. “No Lily! We’ll get in trouble” he called out. Lily laughed and turned her head towards Vin. “Just for a minute, I want to know where it leads to” she replied before running into the forest.

“Lily!” Vin called out before running faster, running into the forest. He grabbed Lily and held her back. “Don’t go further, Lily. You might get hurt” Lily freed herself from Vins grasp and stepped away from him.

“You’re my best friend, Vin. You’re supposed to let me have fun” she said. Vin sighed and nodded his head. Lily smiled and turned around before walking towards a tree. “Good, now could you please help me get onto that branch?” she asked.

Vin nodded his head and walked to Lily before standing beside her. “What should I do?” he asked. “Lower your hands and I’ll place my foot on them. Then push me up and I’ll grab the branch” Lily replied.

Vin nodded and lowered his hands. Lily patted Vin on the head and placed her left foot on his hands. “Alright, lift me up” she said. Vin lifted his hands up and Lily rose into the air a small bit. She reached out and grabbed onto the branch before pulling herself up and sitting on the branch.

“Thank you, Vin” she said before looking towards the village. “I can see our houses from here” she said. Suddenly, the leaves above her head rustled. Vin quickly looked towards the leaves.

“Lily, maybe you should get down from there now” he said. Lily nodded her head and looked down at the ground before gasping. “I’ll hurt myself, Vin” she replied. Suddenly, a bird emerged from the leaves and flew around Lily.

Lily screamed in terror and covered her face with her arms. The bird suddenly flew in and pecked Lily on her left arm. Lily cried before falling off the branch and landing on the ground in front of Vins feet.

Vin gasped and crouched in front of Lily. “Lily, are you alright?” he asked. Lily lifted her head, tears rolling down her cheeks and shook her head. “My arm…it hurts” she said. The bird suddenly flew towards Vin with its beak pointed at his face.

Vin quickly covered his face with his hands and prepared for the attack.


A blue turtle suddenly charged and tackled the bird to the ground. The bird quickly flew away from the turtle and away from the 2 children. Vin moved his hands and looked at the turtle.

“Vin…Lily!” A tall man in a white coat called out before running and crouching between the two. “You scared me, what happened?” he asked. Vin gulped and began to speak. “We were playing, and we ran into here” he said.

The man sighed and turned to Lily. He picked her up and held her in his arms. “That was dangerous, you two could have been seriously injured” he said before walking to the village with Vin following him.

The man walked to the laboratory and through the glass sliding door. He walked to a medical table and placed Lily on it. “What happened to her?” he asked. “She fell out of a tree and hurt her shoulder” Vin replied.

The man grabbed a wet cloth and placed it on Lily’s shoulder. “Go home and tell your parents you’re alright, I’ll make sure Lily is alright” he said. Vin nodded and left the laboratory before running towards one of the houses.

He ran into the house, startling the parents in the kitchen. “Vin, you’re back. Where were you?” the father asked. “Lily and I got lost…in the forest” Vin replied. The parents suddenly gasped and ran to Vin before crouching in front of him.

“Why were you there?” the father asked. “We wanted to climb a tree, and a bird attacked us” Vin replied. The mother sighed and looked to her husband. “Those pidgeys could have seriously hurt them” she said.

“Lily hurt her shoulder, Ray is caring for her” Vin replied. The father sighed and stood up. “You have done a terrible thing today, Vin. You went into that forest and got Lily injured. You are in serious trouble” he said.

Vin sighed and looked down. “I’m sorry” he said. “That’s not good enough! Those creatures are dangerous!” The father yelled. Vin sobbed and nodded his head. “Vin, go to your room. I’ll speak to you soon” the mother said.

Vin nodded and walked up a small set of stairs before disappearing from the parent’s sight. “Paul, what should we do?” the mother asked the father. “There’s no other choice. Clearly, our son will become a trainer like me” Paul replied.

The mother sighed and looked at the stairs. “He’s only a boy” she said. “Laura, he may be a boy, but when he gets older…I will give him his card and he will travel, just like me” Paul replied. Laura nodded her head and gave Paul and hug.

“When?” she asked. Paul looked at the stairs before turning to Laura and smiling. “Whenever you think he’s ready” he said.

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