When lycaon has pups. When he sends them on their way, Where do they go? What will they do? Follow RÍgos in her adventure as she fights for life. Loss, survival, bloody scenes to make you do what Rígos's name means: shiver.


3. the rage

The rage

RÍgos PoV

I dreamed I was running with my brothers and sisters, known wolves and unknown. We leaped at the air, but kept being pushed back. I heard fathers howl, and fled.

I woke to a nudge. Everyone was assembled in front of dad. I stood and walked over. "Chalkós is banished." I quickly yelled "No!" And said "if he goes, you will lose me." "And us," said Orion. I loved brothers that stick with you always. So nice. "Then your all banished." I growled at him and stalked away into the darkness, the others following.

Once we were out of fathers territory, I collapsed. And I dreamed. More intense, though. It went something like this:

I walked out of Artemis's cabin. I looked around for Orion. He was nowhere in sight. I sighed and walked towards the table. "It's here, it's here!" Someone yelled. I turned, and Lycaon was behind me. He drew a line on my neck, from one side to the other. I growled and leaped out and into the lake. He cautiously stepped in, and then a hand grabbed me and I went under.

I gasped. Everyone else was still asleep, so I went into the woods. The woods were the only place I could be alone and at peace, unless I was on fathers territory. I heard his howl, so I ran back to our 'camp.' Chalkós was awake. He greeted me, and we went to wake the others.

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