When lycaon has pups. When he sends them on their way, Where do they go? What will they do? Follow RÍgos in her adventure as she fights for life. Loss, survival, bloody scenes to make you do what Rígos's name means: shiver.


5. Run

Hey! So thankful for all you that are reading my stories. If you like this, check out my story 'Heart's Death.' Now, (in an announcers voice) let the chap begin, or start, or whatever. Oh, and I am so sorry for the long wait. Usually I update every other day, or make a chap longer. Sorry!


I was panting, which is bad for a fire breathing dragon. I panted out smoke, and my riders were inhaling it. I made a steep dive towards the open landscape below me. I collapsed and my breathing slowed as my heart rate stopped beating as fast. I sighed. My brothers and 'friend' hopped off and collapsed next to me. I couldn't inhale the sweet scents as a dragon, so I focused on my old form. I shrunk, and the scales melted away, my neck and tail shortening. I inhaled the sweet scents that I wasn't able to as a dragon. Chalkós came up next to me, and I fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Sorry I haven't updated in so long for any of my stories, I will try to update more. Thanks for not hating me?

I woke up to the sound of paws hitting the ground, and I leaped up, barking for the 'pack' to wake up. We all got up and ran. Other wolves fell in with us as an army of something was thumping behind us. Then we hit jackpot. We leaped through a force that the other animals hit like a wall. I whooped in delight. We were finally safe. HOPEFULLY.

So sorry it's short, but school is finally catching up to me. New chapters will not be updated for a while, so in April I should start catching up.

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