Unwanted < a Joe Sugg fanfic >

Before Joe Sugg was the ' Ultimate Sex God ', I was , technically , his only friend, excluding his worthless excuses of friends. Once Zoë - my second best friend and Joe's sister - began YouTube, and nailed it, I encouraged Joe to have a try. I never realised that would end with him telling me,

" Alison. I can't be your friend anymore. Oh, heck, I never was. You're disgusting and it was horrible having to pretend to be your friend. Just go away! You're unwanted! "

and being alone, from then on, didn't scare me. It didn't frighten me, causing me to wonder what dark creature was lurking in the unknown thing of what we call loneliness. No, it actually felt like home.


1. p r o l o g u e


The strong smell of my step-mother burning  something - probably my breakfast - woke me up from the first restless sleep I'd had in about 3 months. I bet you're wondering, what kind of 24 year old still lives with her parents? Well, the type that can't even afford to pay for a McDonalds meal herself.

Yes, I am as poor as a church mouse. It's always stopped me from being who I am. It's always given me limits to what I can do with my creativity. I mean, don't get me wrong, painting views from my attic window was always a pleasure, but it wasn't exactly experience.

The money from my savings account, the money that my mother had pushed herself to her limits to get, was stolen from me. My step-mother had used it to pay off the rest of her and my fathers mortgage. Up to this day, I don't understand what my father saw in her. But he's happy with her, and if he's happy, I'm happy.

" Alison, darling. Breakfast is ready. " my devil of a step-mother called up from downstairs.

My family are actually quite rich, but Angela - my step-mother - thought it wouldn't teach me a life lesson if my father loaned me money to start my own life, out of this hell hole. I wanted to move to London. My best friend, Zoë, lives there, and has told me that I'm always welcome to stay at hers whilst I try to stand on my own two feet. Even though I'd love to, I couldn't.

" Yes Mother. " I shouted from my bedroom, hoping my step-mother would hear me down the spiral staircase. It'd always make me dizzy, walking down them.

My three year old step-brother, Noah, would always either be carried up or down them, or would be allowed in the lift. He had always been spoiled since birth, and I'm sure he would be spoiled for the rest of his days.

" Ali! " Noah exclaimed from his bedroom, 3 rooms away from mine.

I love him as if he were my full brother, which he obviously isn't. Nevertheless, I still treat him like so. He is family.

" I'm coming Noah. " I say, grumpily lifting myself from my cloud-like bed and over to my wardrobe. Because if there's one thing my father did give me, it was clothes. And a lot of them.

I pulled out a red and white checkered boyfriend tee, a pair of ripped-knee jeans and my Superman pair of high tops. After having a quick shower, dressing myself, French plaiting my hair and applying some bronzer, I make my way to Noah's bedroom.

" What's up Noah? " I ask him, sitting down on the bottom of his bed.

" I'm hungry! " he moans, looking at his stomach as it makes an unusual sound.

" Well, Mummy said she's done us some breckie. So why don't we go down and get some. " I ask him, lifting him out of bed and carrying him down the staircase.

" Ali, I heard Mummy and Daddy saying your leaving our house soon. Are you? " he asks me, cocking his head to the side.

" I'm not sure, Noah. " I say sadly, kissing his forehead.

" Oh, ok. " he says, before suddenly wrapping his arms around my neck and squeezing onto me. " I love you Ali. "

" Aw, Noah. I love you too. " I smile as finally we've finally reached the end of the staircase.

It turns out my step-mother - I could never think of her as my real mother - made my brother and father a fully cooked breakfast whilst I was made scrambled eggs.

I remember my childhood best friend, Joe Sugg, making me a scrambled eggs but he pursued his dreams and became a YouTuber in July, 2011. We were so close before that. But it was half way through 2010 when he said it to me,

" Alison. I can't be your friend anymore. Oh, heck, I never was. You're disgusting and it was horrible having to pretend to be your friend. Just go away! You're unwanted! "

I had pondered, cried and lived on that one thing he said. But surely he didn't mean it. Did he? If he didn't, why did he say it? Does he hate me that much? The last thing we did before that was prank each other, and he was the one that filled my room with fish and made me eat some. It wasn't until my hospital trip that we realised, I'm allergic to fish.

Nothing had happened, so what drove him to say that?

But I never saw him after that, even though I'd watch one or two of his blogs, we weren't considered friends anymore. I wasn't spoken of, I wasn't remembered and I could tell that he probably meant what he said. That I was unwanted. I could expect that from Angela, but Joe? No, he wasn't like that when we were the best of best friends. So something has changed him, and I honestly did not want to find out what had done so.

Wassup guys! So this wasn't exactly meant to be this long, but eh. I hope you understood the story-line. Give this a like if you liked it, and I shall update soon!

P.S. The picture above ( if you cannot see it please tell me ) is Alison. The next chapter's picture will be of Noah.



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