The hetalian Gap year!

Since a bucketful of homestuck was pretty successful, and Ask the creeps! was very successful, I was like eh, why not? ASK A COUNTRY A QUESTION XD AND THEN GO AND READ HETALIA SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND XD


1. GAP YEAR!!!


Italy: Ve~! Ciao~!

England: Good evening...

America: HIIIIII

Canada: *Waves*

Sealand: *Runs in and hugs Green*

Green: So, I'm back because of the gap year. Which means I'm staying with you lot!

Germany: Who said so?

Green: *Points at America*

America: *Attempts to escape*

Germany: Honestly...

Green: He's my hero!!!! I totally would have had to become a hobo or something ridiculous otherwise... *Over-exaggerating much?*

Romano: *Walks in and sits at the table next to Spain*

Italy: Ve~! Ciao ROMANO!!!! *Hugs Romano*

Japan: Whose cooking tonight guys?

Everyone: *Starts pointing at each other*

Italy: Me!!! I'll do it! I want to cook!

Germany: *Face palms*

England: No prizes for guessing what we're eating for tea...

Italy: PASTAA~!

Green:  Va bene , ti aiuto!!

Italy: Ve~! Bella~!

Green: Bene, But in the meantime. QUESTIONS DARES AND STUFF PLEASE GUYS!!!!



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