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1. fact or fiction by Irvin B Kingdom .

It was a calm night , when Malcolm decided to take Sox for a walk , we've never been to Clifford's Fort , Malcolm had just moved up to the north east, he was a retired teacher from Whitby he lost his wife 6 months ago, to cancer, couldn't settle in the old house so he ups sticks , He bought a new two bedroom flat in the Irvin building, it had fantastic views over the river Tyne, He was slim build with grey mousey hair and pencil moustache and always wore flat cap. It was just a short walk to the Fort , he's standing at the bottom of the ramp looking up at the Fort, it's dark up there he says looking down at Sox.........they reach the top of Fort, he looks to his left and he sees what looks like a couple of Smokehouses and to his right there's a great big dark building with a watchtower on top, never been here before he says as he looks at Sox, starts to take a look around there are some old cannon mounts and gun implacement , then all of a sudden he hears a scream and Sox starts to bark, he bends down to let him off the lead, go on Sox find them, Sox runs down a set of short stairs and disappears , Malcolm's not far behind, he to a little set of steps three and then four to the left, when gets to the bottom he sees he,s in a little narrow alley, he looks up the alley and he can see what looks like three little doors and an old street lamp halfway up a wall, He take a walk up to the first door, it's painted dark blue there's a name on the door it says Fairwind it must be the name of a boat, he opens the door he can see some old nets and ropes, must be old net stores, then that scream again, he runs down the alley and under a brick arch and into the road, the fish quay beach is just across the road, he runs towards the screams, and then Sox starts barking, keep barking Sox he shouts as he enters the river, the light is very bad, he hears splashing coming to his left, waded through the water, out of nowhere a little figure appears, it's a little boy with his arm round Sox,s neck he was keeping him a float, he dashes over and grabs the boy, he rush out of river to the beach, he gently lays him on the sand and the takes his coat off and puts it round him, his hands are shaking as he takes his mobile out and dials 999, he,s rubbing the boy with his coat, come on son come on then a few minutes later he hears the sirens, he grabs the boy and runs up to the ambulance, he,s still shaking as he hands the over, I don't know what happened I've just fished out the water. Ok we'll take it from here says the paramedics..... He turns and grabs Sox hugging him, well done Sox well done. Then a police car pulls up, two officers get out and walk over to Malcolm. Evening sir can we have a word. Malcolm gets to his feet and nods his head. I'm Pc Collins and this my college Pc Wares, would you like to come in the police car and tell us what happened.............After a half an hour they drop him off at his flat. We will give a call later Malcolm. O,, yes please and if you here any news about the boy. I will don't worry sir. He stands and watches the car pull away. ....,.,...................later that night the phone goes. Hello yes that's me o l see, well I'll see you tomorrow morning, tell me constable have you heard anything about the boy, OK l understand good night. ...............the next morning he feels a bit ruff, he slept much, couldn't get the boy out of his mind, he puts the kettle on, then there's a knock on the door. He opens the door, good morning come in I've just put the kettle on would you both like a cuppa. Erm,, no thank you sir where pushed for time. Well what can I do for you. First of all sir I must tell that the boy is okay, the hospital said that it was touch and go for a while, they said that had he been in the water any longer, he would have been a goner. O'' my god that's the best news ever a tear runs down Malcolm's cheek, I'm really you don't know how I'm feeling at this moment. We understand sir, now sir it's about your statement sir, well sir it doesn't seem to add up. How do you mean, I haven't told you any lies. It's just sir you story seam,s impossible it cant have happened. What it can't have happened but it did. Look sir I think it best if we take you back to the Fort and show you. So off they go, they walk the short distance to the, and they walk up the ramp to the middle of the Fort. Now sir if you could just show us where you ran down the stairs. Malcolm walk over to what seems like waste land, he turns to the officers, and says what the hell is happening here I went down a set of steps right here, what's happened I don't understand. Yes sir you see that's why we couldn't believe your statement. But I tell you I swear on my late wife's grave as sure as God is my witness. Ok sir let's go round to the beach. They make there way round to the beach. And Pc Collins is timing it as they walk round. Well here we are sir. That's the arch shouts Malcolm pointing. Yes but it's bricked up sir. O'' my god what's happening here, it can't be it just can't be it was there last night, I ran under that very arch. Ok sir take it easy know just take easy, I've asked a Mr Carter to join us, he,s an expert about Clifford's Fort. An old chap with old duffel coat and a herring bone flat cap on his face is plump and red, walks up to them, he,s got what looks like a folder under his arm. Good morning you must be Mr Hudson. Yes. Yes?? . Well let's get this sorted, I've read you statement sir, and must say it's impossible, and yet by your statement everything you describe is accurate to the last detail but this alley was filled in some fifty years ago, so you can see how it's impossible. Malcolm shakes his and bangs his fists on the wall underneath the brick arch, I must be going mad he shouts. Ok sir I couldn't believe it come on I'll take you home .

So what really happened that night, was he just dreaming there was a stair case. But he had never visited that place before how could he disscribe in detail everything about the alley and mr Carter said that the first net store was rented to the owner of a fishing boat the Fairwind, you decide if the story is fact or fiction.

Look out for next fact or fiction

Irvin B Kingdom.



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