Little Lusy - Creepypasta

The story behind how Little Lusy became a scary serial killer. Her past against hatred and alcohol. The story how she ended up as the heart-stealer


2. Insanity

Months went by, even tho i couldn’t feel it. Everything was dark and cold. Mother kept saying the same things about how i never could make it, and i should be thankful, but it’s hard when i really feel like i could have done something, but now i’m feeling like i’m walking in circles, like a lion in his cage. As my pain grew so did my hatred. I could feel how everything i was, everything i should have been, slowly disappeared, and got replaced by insanity. Knife and blood got more and more exciting, and like i did with my pencil i draw lines on my new canvas. Creating my own fire, with my own colors.


I can’t lie about after awhile it got kind of boring, with the same fire and same color. I longed after something new, something more exciting. My mother sat on the couch, while drinking beer when it happened. I draw my pencil ones again, and like a sword it made the perfect lines which created once again, a new masterpiece. I looked at my mother. How the fire i draw matched so perfect to her blond, but now almost red hair. I was relieved, but also very disappointed by my mother. After all that she’d done she couldn’t even survive my fire sword. How pathetic.


“Dear Lusy” She fought through those two words, she had to be careful because she could possibly get suffocated in her own blood by now. I kneeled down to hear what she had to say. I’d gave her one last chance. To apologise. To break free from this cage we were locked in. To get peace. “E-Even with that knife i-in your hand.. You s-still couldn’t make i-it. I’m still a-alive, and nothing is mis-sing. Why did you.. have to be such a.. failure… Just like.. Like”  She slowly pass out. She slowly disappear and then she’s gone. Gone in her misery, and leaft me alone with her body. No i can’t accept this.


I grab my sword once again, and cut right through her chest. I won’t let her fly away. I won’t let her pass that easily. I pushed my hand through her chest, looking for her cold heart. When i finally gets it, i throw it out of her body. “You really thought i would let you go that easily!? HAHAHA!” I laughed like a serial killer, no more like a psychopath. I walked over to the table, and begins to cut her heart in small pieces. It has to go fast so she can’t escape. I cut 9 pieces out of her heart, and one by one i eat them.


I smiled for myself whispering “I told you i would make it. Now you probably understand why i’d never told you what i’d make” Like i’d ever gave up on revenge, dear mother. I could hear her screaming in my chest, now is it finally her turn to be captured, but in the darkest cage no one ever could imagine, but don’t worry. She won’t be alone for long.

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