Dark skirts and grey suits

The history Is still unstable, and not done yet, but it's about a girl moving to another city, and begins in a new school, tho everything doesn't seem exiting, but kinda weird and scary


2. Grey clouds

As i walk home i keep thinking about why, they live like this. Are they scared of spontanius thinking, or maybe they're just crazy about control. I don't know what to think about this, it's  kind of scary, but also very nice that nothing happens unexpected.

I keep asking my parents why we left, and why we moved here, to this city. My mother keep saying it was a feeling inside of her, which said "this place, this place is perfect." I think it's bullshit, and then i ask my farther he just say "ask your mother" I mean come on, what the hell.

I stop up in the  middle of nowhere, i'm looking down at the grey, hard ground, thinking about every single, stupid thing. I'm going crazy by all this overthinking. I need to know what's going on. I look up as i starre directly into a statues eyes.

I take a step back, watching big, black brick letters and read "Sir Kard Richard, 1879-1923" Who's that guy. He must be pretty important, since he's the only statue in this whole damn city. 


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