Dark skirts and grey suits

The history Is still unstable, and not done yet, but it's about a girl moving to another city, and begins in a new school, tho everything doesn't seem exiting, but kinda weird and scary


1. Strange rituals

Chick cuck, chick cuck, says the little watch hanging above the class. Chick cuck, chick cuck. The little arrow moves fast along with the seconds, while the big arrow stand still as if there wasn’t such thing called time. It’s completely silent in the room, as if we were at a funeral. Gross. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask for moving, I didn’t ask for leaving everything behind, but it happened anyway. How sick is that.


School used to be fun. It used to be great coming back after summer to a class filled with smiling children, and laughing teachers. Things used to be different, and to be honest, I can’t stand this change.


I’ve seen a lot movies in my life about school and stuff, but i never truly believed in that such schools existed. The school building is a giant brick, grey and depressing. The children are the same way too. Walking in straight lines in their grey uniforms. The boys in suits and girls in skirt. What a cliche.


Our whole day is planned from the start to the end, and it’s scary how good it fits with these children. You can’t leave class doing a lesson, you have to wait till the break, as the children walks out in straight lines, they split up automatic by boys and girls. The boys walk to the left, and the girls walk to the right. As we walk we all stop at one point by our closets. It’s scary how accurate they are. They buy all the same food and they eat symphonic, and while walking back all the people who have to pee makes the line stop in front of toilets without even telling them. It’s like they already know it all.


I don’t understand how they can keep doing the same things all day, all night. These children probably doesn’t even know what fun is. I asked one of the girls if she wanted to go out and play, and she just looked at me with this weird expression as if i talked another language. I can’t stop wondering about what the hell those children even are. They don't smile, they don't laugh, and they doesn't talk to each other.


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