Hands to myself

And what happens when two lost and broken hearts meet each other out of nowhere at a bar for a certain bands gig? Will buds of romance begin?



6. chapter 6

I walked over to Ashton's house -which was a way longer walk than I thought it would be- and my feet are killing me, and don't ask me how I remembered where he lives because I always seem to remember that kind of thing about people. 

I knocked on the door and his little brother answered the door "Hi" He said with a smile.

"Hey, your brother is here right?" If he's not I'm gonna flip. That's too big of walk to come here for nothing. If you can't tell by now that exercise isn't my thing.

"Ya, you can come in" He said. He's literally so cute. He's got to be at least eight.

"Ok" So I walked in and he went over to the stairs.

"Ashton! That pretty girl you won't shut up about is here for you!" Oh really now, he won't shut up about me? 

Once he made his way downstairs I giggled a little bit "He's so cute, how old is he?"

"Ten, and my sister is fourteen" He said, kind of awkwardly. He totally wasn't expecting me to just show up like this.

"What? Are you shocked or something?" I said.

"Ya, kind of, I didn't think you remembered where I live" I guess it's just a weird gift I have.

"Well I do, so what do you want to do?" If it involves more walking I'm going to make him carry me because that was the longest walk ever.

"Well I did say that I was going to teach you how to play the drums" He said, motioning toward the garage.

"Ok" I said with probably the biggest smile ever.

"Ashton! Who's that?" I herd his mom yell to him, although she walked in the room and answered the question anyway. "Oh, hi Phoebe" She smiled.

"Oh ya, umm, my parents were wondering what your name was. You never told me last time" This must be incredibly awkward for Ashton.

"It's Anne Marie" She said with a smile.

"Ok, I'll tell them" I said and pulled Ashton to the garage "Alright teach, what's my first lesson?"

"Ok" He picked up the sticks "You obviously need these" And he sat me down on the stool "So, first of all" He started naming of the parts of drum and what they sound like. I mean, I knew the snare, bass, and the symbols, but I didn't know about a lot of the other drums and the different symbols. It's actually kind of interesting "Now, do you think you can step on the pedal and play the other drums at the same time?"

"No" I chuckled "I''m gonna sound like a fucktard" He's totally going to laugh at me.

"It's ok, everybody starts out knowing nothing. I mean come on, I sucked ass when I started" At least he's trying to make me feel better, not that it's working.

"Still doesn't make me feel better, haha" I said.

"Ok, well, umm, why don't you try and roll the sticks" What?!

I gave him the most confused look "Umm, what?"

He chuckled a little "Here, like this" He took the sticks and demonstrated. I never knew it was called rolling the sticks.

"Ohhhh, ok" I took them and did what he showed me.

"Nice, ok, now do this" He played the bass drum and snare at the same time. I know I looked like a tard at first, but I ended up doing it right after a minuet. "Good, ok, now this" He started to play a beet with the snare, bass, and I think he called it the ride symbol. I started off really slow and having him help me, but than I ended up getting faster and faster, and I actually sounded decent, which made me smile, and he definitely noticed. "Your doing really good" He smiled back. God, I fucking love his dimples! 

It only felt like at least a half an hour that he made me repeat beets that he was doing, but it ended up being like, two hours and his mom called us in for dinner.

"Ok, so I think your ready" Ash said and I looked wicked confused.

"For what?" I asked.

"To do free style, since now your familiar with the way everything sounds" He had the cutest look on his face, like he was excited to hear me play or something.

"Umm, I don't know" I replied nervously.

"Come on, you'll be fine, you have a natural talent for it. You picked everything up wicked quick. You may not be pro, but you're really good for this being your first time ever" I just can't say no to that face.

"Fine" I said, giving in. "But you can't look at me" I twirled my finger in a circle motioning for him to do the same, and he did.

I started off with some light taps on the symbol and went soft into the snare and toms. After a minuet or two of the soft stuff I started going hard on everything. I think I sounded decent enough for my first time. I even used the bass drum good and didn't sound stupid with it like at first.

A couple minuets I stopped and I didn't realize it, but Ashton had been looking at me. He started clapping with that gorgeous smile "Nice, are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"Ya, but I didn't think I was that good though" I said, putting the sticks down.

"Well you are, you barley even needed me. The only thing I have to say is that when you roll the sticks, you should keep your elbows out more. I think it's stopping you from going into the next thing you do, like you pause like a millisecond before you do the next thing, and you shouldn't be stopping. You get what I'm saying?" He said, almost looking bad because he criticized me "But other than that you were really good" I think he was trying to compensate for what he said before, although it wasn't bad at all.

"Ok, thanks for the tip" I smiled to show him it's fine.

We walked in to the kitchen and I smelled potatoes and something else I couldn't quite pinpoint.

"Umm, should I go home or..." I asked, kind of awkwardly.

"No, your fine. I made enough for you too" Damn, she's like way too nice.     

"Ok, thanks" I said and went over to Ashton like his shadow.

"Oh ya, kids, we're going to use the dining room table today ok" His mom said. I don't know if I should call her Anne, Mrs. Marie, or just flat out his mom. "I got a new one" She told me for clarification.

"Ok" We said in unison and went over to the table and sat down, me next to his mom and sister with Ash and his brother across from me. I would have sat next to Ashton, but it was the only seat available.

It was quiet at first but than his brother spoke "Sooo, is she your girlfriend Ash? Cause I'd like to have a pretty sister" He said, sticking his tongue out at Lauren.

"Hey" She said, looking annoyed.

"Kids" Anne said sternly.

"Sorry" They both said together.

"But seriously, she's really pretty" He said and than quickly got beat red.

I know I sure as hell looked a little embarrassed. It's so cute when kids say stuff like that, but I think I get embarrassed because if a kid tells you your pretty, than your definitely pretty. I know for a fact that they will not hesitate to tell you you're ugly.

"I know she's pretty" Ash said, looking right at me, which in turn made me even more embarrassed, mostly cause his mom is right there "But were just friends" I don't know why, but that last line kind of stung a little. I think I'm starting to like him, like to the point where if he asked me out, I'd probably say yes. Which is weird because I don't really know him, but hey, people talk about love at first sight all the time, and sometimes it even works out really well.

"Well she is pretty" Lauren said, looking at me "And you seem pretty cool, so..." These kids see me better than I see myself...and I've only known them for like two days. Now that's saying something.

"Kids, they've only known each other for a dew days, now stop bombarding them about it" Anne said calmly. 

"Ok" They said and it got quiet again. 

"I do ship you guys though" Lauren said "You'd look wicked cute together" She stopped after that. We both got as red as a lobster at that. "See, you both even have the same embarrassed face. She giggled and than Anne gave her that look only moms can give right telling you to stop.

I never noticed, but we kinda do, which is weird. Now that I think about it, we do have a lot in common. Like how we've both had pretty much the same experiences when it comes to the opposite sex, how we present ourselves -to how we dress and the way we carry ourselves-, and a bunch of other stuff. I don't think I've had this much in common with like any guy ever, not even my ex boyfriend, which is pretty sad, but he was an easily manipulated little bitch.

Once we got done eating, Ashton and I sat down on the couch "So what do you want to do now?" I asked.

"Umm-" He was cut off by his little brother.

"How about we watch Spongebob" He literally looks so fuckin cute I just want to pinch his cheeks.

"Ok, I love Spongebob" I said and Ash turned on the DVD player.

"He owns like every season ever" He said and put one in.

"Haha, you like krabby pattys don't you Ashton?" I said, trying to do the look that Spongebob does, but I probably just looked utterly stupid.

He laughed and than played the show.

About like a season and a half through Harry started talking about us again "She's like awesome Ashton. She loves Spongebob, how can you go wrong with her? She knows all the lines and everything, she's perfect" I blushed hardcore when he said that last part.

"Dude, I know she is, but you can't date someone when you've only known them for like three days" He said to him, which brought me back to reality. He's probably never going to want to date me once he figures me out more.

"Ya, but Phoebe is different, I can tell" Harry said, pleading to him.

"Hey Harry" I said and he looked at me "You never know what's going to happen in the future do you?"

"No, but I can see the future and in it you guys are living together all happy" I didn't think little boys thought things like that.

"Oh are we now?" I said and him and Ashton smiled. Wow, there almost identical. It's just too damn cute, it makes me melt inside.

"Yes" He replied.

The rest of the night went by and I didn't realize it, but it was already nine o'clock.

"Harry, come get in bed" Anne yelled to him.

And this is my cue to leave "Umm, do you want a ride back home?" Ashton asked, already knowing the answer.

"Haha, ya, that was the worst walk of my life" I said.

He went over to the stairs and yelled to Anne that he was going to give me a ride home and we went out to his car.

"Nice car" I said sarcastically. It was a duct tapped Honda Civic. 

"Hey, you don't even have a car" He said.

"I know, but it's so hard for me to save money. I like to shop. It's kind of a problem" I literally only have like two fifty in my savings account and I've had my job for like almost two years, so ya, shopping is an issue.

"Nice" He chuckled.

"I think I'm going to end up being one of those middle age woman who has to file bankruptcy after her third sugar daddy" Not that I'm like that, but still.

He laughed -have I ever mentioned how much I love his laugh- "But I'll be your first and only sugar daddy" He said with the corniest wink of all time.

"Haha, ok"

A few minuets later we got to my house and I walked inside, and of course my family bombarded me again. Telling me how hot he is and how 'I done good' and shit. 

(A.N   Ok so next chapter is going to be this one but in Ashton's POV, so if you aren't into that kind of writing than I guess you can skip it. But I felt it pretty important to get his POV in sometimes because personally I like to know what the other person is thinking. I guess that's kinda why I did it lol but I hope you guys like it :D)


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