Meeting Kaceytron

Meeting Kaceytron the best girl gamer


1. There is only 1 chapter lol

Here I am in Kansas City, the home of Kaceytron the best and hottest girl gamer on twitch. She invited me to come to her house because she thought I was cool (I lied and said I know how to fix computers and I'd fix hers). I knocked on the door and 10 seconds later Kacey opens, smiles and says "omg hi" I start smiling awkwardly. She had no make up on and her hair was a total mess but I didn't care. I walked into the house. It smelled like beagles. Kacey then asks me to start on her computer. I say nervously "I don't know how to tell you this but I just lied about knowing how to fix computers to come over and hangout". Kacey looks surprised but she didn't care because at least a guy showed interest in wanting to be with her. "Well what are we going to do now" she says. I'm silent. "How about I show you my room"? I say "yeah sure". We both walk to her room and she sits on her ugly red vampire bed. I sit there too. She starts rubbing her hands along my legs and I say "no I'm only 16 Kacey"!. Kacey replies "just keep it a secret". She then begins to take off her shirt then she turns around and tells me to take off her bra. I'm sweating profusely now and my hands are shaking. I finally undo the straps and take off her bra. She begins to turn around and I'm so excited to see her DDD breasts. She turns around and I'm horrified to see my mom starting at me while I drool onto my pillow. It was just a dream. Spam kappa in chat. 

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