why are you doing this luke

this story is about a girl named Mckenna.
She just moved in to sydney australia.
she meets luke and he has a crush on her.....


9. morning

mak wake up.my dad said

i'm awake dad.i laughed

um there are 4 boys for you. as i saw his face go bright  red

ok well dad it's 6:20 and you have to go to the office.i said pushing him down stairs.

okay mak,wow you have a strong grip for a girl.

o to work dad .i say laughing.

ok love you.he says kissing me on the cheek.

i love you to dad.

hey mak this is michael  and ashton. he calum said pointing to the boys.

hey guys,hey cal what was lukes problem?

idk puberty i guess.as he starts laughing.

i thought he was 17. as i start laughing.

he is that's the joke.as he looks at me and smiles.

hey guys do you want pizz- as i get cut off by michael 

yes i would love some see cal she's my new best friend.as he takes the pizza from my hand.

wow michael might just marry that pizza mak.ash said with a straight face.

as i start laughing.

mak he's not jokeing. cal said.

um fifa?i asked fast.

um no thanks we have school and you do to.the boy's said.

no i don't i have the rest of the week off.i said sitting on the counter.

o lucky.they boys said.

yeah but you guys can come over after school.

okay.as the smile.

my dad said that there are 4 boys here so where's the jerk named luke?

he's in the car.cal said

o well you guys are gonna be late see ya latter.i said opening the door.

bye mak.all the boys said.

"thanks guys for reading this book if you guys have any ideas you want me to put in this book just comment what you want me to put in the book.✖✖😝😜😎🍕🍕😎😝😜✖-tori butler"






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