Black Magic

Salina Black was Sirius Black's only daughter. After living a life where she wasn't wanted until she was given her letter to a school of magic, she learned everything she needed to know about herself and her special talent, or what made her "a freak." But there was only one thing that wasn't certain. If she could possibly be going to school with her god-brother's children, and her father died when her god-brother was 15, how could she possibly be in this school of wonders? Most importantly, how could she possibly be alive?


6. Questioning Life

     Professor Silvanus, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, started his lesson on how to cure a werewolf bite. Because it was the first day of Defense Against the Dark Arts, he had to teach all of the first years what a werewolf was.

     “A werewolf,” he said, “is a human being who, upon the rising of a full moon, becomes a fearsome and deadly near-wolf.”

     Salina was lost in thought after this. Her brain only grasped a few words such as infection and distinctions (I received this information from Harry Potter Wiki. To find it, go on there and look up werewolf and read the first paragraph to receive the full explanation of JKR’s werewolf). The only thing Salina could truly pay attention to was the realization she just had. If Sirius Black died when Harry Potter was in his fifth year of Hogwarts, how could Salina be turning 12 within a few months? After doing the math, which took ages, she discovered that her father had died 1996! But how could she be born in 2008! There had to be some sort of trick, some special kind of magic. Could she have been transported to the future when she was but a babe? Was there a magic item that brought her here? Whatever happened, she was going to find out in any means possible.

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