Moore Effect


1. Hurt 💔

I met him smile upon my cheeks.

He met me wanting company.

We talked for ages.

No awkward silences.

He was the reason I loved French.

Otherwise I absolutely despised it.

We talked and talked

Ignoring the teachers protests.

We grew closer.

Talking every night.

However this would not last long.

It will change for the worst.

I starting falling for him.

Deeper and Deeper.

Stuck in the friend zone.

Longing to be his.

Wanted his attention.

His love.

His everything.

I became addicted.

Kept coming back to him.

Expressing my true emotions.

'Okay' was all I'd ever get.

One day he told me the truth.

He was crushing on me too.

I waited for that one question.

'Will you go out with me?'

It never came.

'Will you go out with me?'

Is what I got from my crush himself,

On my PlayStation one day.

Overwhelmed I accepted.

I was finally his.

However he wouldn't touch me.

He found it very awkward.

Wouldn't even hug me.

We talked less.

Despite my many efforts.

Christmas came.

Nothing from him.

Not even a merry Christmas.

My birthday was just before Christmas.

23rd of December.

Christmas Eve Eve.


New Years came.

When the clock struck twelve,

I sent him a happy New Years message.

Never got one back.

On New Years morning when I woke up,

I got a message of him.

My world.

'It isn't working'.

We had an argument afterwards.

'I never loved you'

'I hate you'

'Leave me alone you are too clingy.'

My heart broke into two.

I was no longer his.

I didn't even know who he was anymore.

He changed.

I cried most nights.

Clutching my pillow.

Dying for him back.

He never apologised.

Most days we avoided each other.

I dreaded most lessons.

School was hard.

Couldn't concentrate at all.

I couldn't live like this.


Dead in the inside.

Who am I?

We talk again now.

Him crawling back to me,

Because his crushes won't except him.

I try hard not to end up ranting at him,

For what he had done to me.

To be honest

It hurt.

It hurt like hell.

Imagine knowing that your world,

Is in someone else's arms,

They are crushing on someone else,

Except from you.

The reasoning behind it hurt the most.

Wasn't his fault;poor thing.

His best friend,

Pointed out every single one of my flaws,

And told him 'Break up with her,She isn't worth it.'

He is the reason my life is over.

Karma will get you,

And when it does,

You will be sorry...


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