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This is not a story. Each chapter is a preview of my published books links to my website will be at the end of each preview. I hope every one Enjoys these previews. please feel free to comment on each one or all. These Previews are the same as the ones you'll see on amazon, Lulu and wherever these books are sold.


5. Vampires The Awakening Preview



            Kyran was said to be a mighty warrior who wielded his sword in the name of god. a loyal warrior who fell in love. he chose her. As a Prince he believed it was his duty to pass on everything he knew to his children.

            But one day after a long and hard fought battle he re-entered his castle to find his one true love dead as well as those who were to protect her. In outrage he destroyed the chapel and everything in his path.

            They say that in his grief and hatred of god he attempted join his love in death but god would not allow him to join her, he was doomed to walk the earth as vampire for all eternity never to find the one he sought in death.

            This is a story known to all but there is a part of it still missing about Kyran something no one ever knew about him until now, something God himself wished to keep quiet. They say Christ himself never spoke his name but knew him well, and that Kyran's face was that last face he saw before he died on the cross.

            The resentment Kyran had for them and everything they stood for crossed over with him as a vampire. Crosses, holy water, sunlight and stakes will kill any normal vampire. But not Kyran, not the Dark Prince: he is a true immortal among the vampires; nothing known to man can kill him.

            They say he searched the world looking for his lost love but never found her. Some believe he is to walk his immortal life alone unable to find the true love he once had, that god wont allow him to find her. But there is an exception to every rule.





End of Preview 

To find out more about Vampires The Awakening follow the link below.

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