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This is not a story. Each chapter is a preview of my published books links to my website will be at the end of each preview. I hope every one Enjoys these previews. please feel free to comment on each one or all. These Previews are the same as the ones you'll see on amazon, Lulu and wherever these books are sold.


2. Ghost Hollow Preview

“Help me somebody please” yelled Crista running through the woods “Leave me alone.”

She stopped running tears were streaming down her face. She was looking around her wildly as if waiting for something to show itself.

Just leave me alone,” said Crista walking backwards “I’ll do whatever you want please just leave me alone.”

Too late” said a voice that echoed through the woods.

Something grabbed her feet.





Ten Years Later

This is the living room,” said a man walking into the room.

Shane this place is beautiful,” said Beth.

I know it’s not what you said you wanted” said Shane “But it’s just in your price range. It’s been remodeled twice since it was built.”

When was it built?” asked Beth.

In the 1840’s I believe” said Shane.

I like it” said Beth.

It has something to it” said Quinn “Don’t you think so Rin.”

Yeah if you like living and infested rat hole” said Rin.

What did I tell you about that language in front of your sister?” said Quinn.

Listen Ariel they want us to live here what do you think?” asked Rin.

It’s scary,” said Ariel.

See even a six year old can figure it out,” said Rin.

Would you like to see the rest of the house?” asked Shane.

Of course” said Beth.

Why do they call this town Ghost Hallow?” asked Quinn.

Well not long after the Civil War people began seeing shoulders” said Shane “All over town people were seeing those who died before. Long before this town, it was a site of an Indian battle both side had lost many people. Not long after the Civil War people in this town said it was a witch who was cursing the town.”

What’s the story of this house?” asked Beth.

Not much is known about it,” said Shane “Except the year it was built. No one has lived in this hose for almost ten years it was recently remodeled. Therefore, it is in good condition. These are the bedrooms.”

Four bedrooms” said Beth “They’re a good size too. I like this one.”

That is the master bedroom,” said Shane “it has its own bathroom. There’s another bathroom down the hall.”

What’s this?” asked Quinn.

The attic we think” said Shane.

You think,” said Rin.

It’s been locked since the house first went on the market over fifty years ago” said Shane.

What a surprise Blackwell Manor has a locked door” said Rin “Dad are we really going to move here.”

Well what do you think Beth?” asked Quinn.

I love it,” said Beth “It’s perfect.”

Yeah if your dead” said Rin “So what happened to the family who lived here before now.”

They moved,” said Shane “they were only here long enough for their youngest son to be close to the hospital. Their daughter went missing in the woods during a party. People say she just got lost or fell into a ravine or something like that.”

But the ghost got her” said Rin.

Well some locals think so” said Shane “But there are caves in the forest that are not for anyone they’ve been sealed off since the witch trials. But kids still get in there from time to time they get lost.”

So The Ritual Caves” said Rin.

How did you know that?” asked Shane.

It was sacrum,” said Rin.

These stairs go down to the kitchen,” said Shane.

Wow” said Beth “A big kitchen just what we need, we have elbow room now.”

This way to the dinning room and the living room” said Shane “There’s another room off to the side the basement is this way.”

He led them down a set of stone stairs.

There are three rooms down here” said Rin “Why?”

This is how the house was built,” said Shane “Blackwell Manor was said to be built by some of the witches who were burned. But from my research into the house it was built to house slaves before The War.”

They went back upstairs.

So what do you think?” asked Shane.

Well what do you girls say?” asked Quinn.

No” said Rin.

No” said Ariel shaking her head.

Well it’s two against two,” said Quinn.

“We’ll take it,” said Beth.

“Why did you even ask for our opinion your just doing whatever you want anyway?” said Rin.

You don’t have to be a drama queen Rin,” said Beth.

I’m a drama queen,” said Rin “Well your funcking bitch.”

Rin that’s enough” said Quinn.

I’m leaving,” said Rin.

Me too” said Ariel following her out.
            Rin walked out to the car Ariel following her. Ariel looked around at the grounds while Rin put on her headphones.


End of Preview

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