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1. Black Rose Volume 1: A Hero Like No Other Chapter one Preview

            Candice was sitting outside legs crossed hands on top of her legs. Her eyes were closed as she meditated in warm morning air. Meditation was something she had been doing since she could remember. It took away a lot of painful memories she did the same thing at night before going to sleep. It helped though most people would have gotten over it by now. Not just anyone had been through what she had been. It may have been a long time ago but it was still engraved in her mind as if carved into stone for permanent record.

            "Candice breakfast is done," said Susan "Hurry up you still need to get ready for school."

            "Coming" said Candice opening her eyes, getting up, and walking inside.

            "Go get ready youre going to be late" said Susan "If youre going to do that in the mornings you need to get up earlier. Summers over now."

            "I know" said Candice "Old habitats die hard."

            Candice went upstairs and opened her closet and picked out an outfit wear for school and then went back down stairs to the kitchen.

            "Knock, knock" said Annabel voice.

            "In here" said Candice.

            "Hi Mrs. Redfield" said Annabel.

            "Hay" said Susan "Ok Candice today is only a half day of school I know you get out at elven forty-five. So I will pick you up at school and take you to the DMV to get your licenses."

            "Mom" said Candice "My birthday isn't for another year."

            "What" said Susan "Youre sixteen now you need a license."

            "Mom I'm fifteen" said Candice "Are you ok."

            "I'm fine just late" said Susan "Again. You two be careful going to school. Bye."

            "I think your mom has lost it" said Annabel "Is she ok."

            "I don't know" said Candice "She said her trip was memorable but not in a good way."

            "She'll be ok right" said Annabel.

            "The doctor said it may take a while but she will be fine" said Candice.

            The phone started to ring.

            "That's good" said Annabel.

            "Redfield residence" said Candice "Hello."

            There was no sound on the other end. Candice hung up.

            "Who was it" asked Annabel.

            "No one answered" said Candice.

            "You ready" asked Annabel "Perfect attendance is waiting."

            "Yeah let me put these in the sink" said Candice putting her plate in the sink and rinsing it off "ok let's go."

            They walked out the door Candice grabbed her bag as she walked out locking the door behind her.

            "This year is going to be so much fun" said Annabel "I'm signing up for a lot of stuff."

            "So youre not going to be on the dance team this year" said Candice.

            "I thought Principal Kelly said there was no dance team this year" said Annabel.

            "Trista was taking things into her own hands" said Candice "She was forgetting I was the captain not her. This year it's just you Christy and me I think."

            "Some dance team" said Annabel "This part is going to suck now."

            They stood in line to get there class schedule, assignment books and locker assignments. The line to get the school ID's were not as long as they thought it would be. Once they had their pictures taken they waited a short time to get there ID's and then headed to their lockers. Annabel was right next to Candice's locker.

            "Ah Miss Redfield welcome back" said Principal Kelly.

            "Hello sire" said Annabel.

            "I've booked the gym for dance team tryout's tomorrow after school" said Principal Kelly.

            "What's wrong with the team we have" asked Annabel.

            "Well since you only have three team members you need at least three more to qualify for a team otherwise there will be no dance team this year" said Principal Kelly "Choose your team members wisely. Your coach will oversee what youre doing."

            He walked away.

            "Can he do that" asked Annabel.

            "Yes he can if we don't have enough team members" said Candice.

            "We don't need a coach" said Annabel.

            "Yes we do" said Candice "The coach is just a teacher to take us to events and other things like that. As well as make sure we practice."

            "Hay guys" said Trista "Dance team practice after school. Ok."

            "Trista" said Candice "Dance Team tryouts are Monday after school."

            "What" said Trista "What's wrong with the team as it is?"

            "We only have three members" said Annabel.

            "You took me off the team" said Trista raising her voice.

            "Principal Kelly did last year" said Candice closing her locker "If you want back on the team you have to retry out."

            "Some friend you are" said Trista walking away with her nose in the air.

            "She took that better than I thought" said Candice.

            "Well this time she didn't try to punch you" said Annabel "I wonder if her jaw still hurts from when you hit her back."

            "Annabel" said Candice.

            "Regardless Candice she got what she deserved" said Annabel.

            "I lost my cool" said Candice as they sat down in their homeroom "It won't happen again."

            "I'm surprised you kept it that long" said Annabel "Oh well maybe it knocked some since into her. Now that she knows the world doesnt revolve around her."

            "Annabel" said Candice.

            "Ok" said Annabel "I'm done. Shutting up now."

            The bell rang.

            The last school year ended on a sour note with Candice and Trista. Trista being who she was went against Principal Kelly and did what he said no to Candice agreed with him. Trista said some horrible things to her but one took the cake and ended with Candice breaking Trista's jaw. Candice was suspended for the remainder of the year but was still able to keep her position as Dance Team Captain. By the time, Principal Kelly was done with the team due to grades there were now only three members of the team left.

            Today each class was only ten minutes long. In homeroom, Principal Kelly did the announcements as well as all of the tryout's for each team that needed it. Annabel seemed to be picturing Trista's face as he announced the dance teams tryout's. Candice rolled her eye's and continued to listen.

When the bell rang, Candice headed to Math class while Annabel headed to Science.

            "Candice" said Christy pushing her way through the hall of crowded student's "What class do you have now?"

            "Math" said Candice.

            "Darn it" said Christy "I have Art. I'll talk to you later then."

            "Bye" said Candice walking into her class as Christy ran down the hall.

            Candice chose a seat at the back of the classroom.

            "Hi Candice" said a Boy sitting down next to her.

            "Do I know you" asked Candice.

            "It's me Nick" he said.

            "Sorry not ringing a bell" said Candice.

            "We were in the same class in Pre K" said Nick "I moved away until now."

            "Pre K" said Candice "I'm sorry I don't remember. I've blacked out most of that time of my life."

            "Oh yeah" said Nick "I'm really sorry about your dad. I guess you just want to forget about everything around that time in your life. Well, we can still get reacquainted. You free after school?"

            "Sorry" said Candice "I'm helping my mom after school."

            The class went quiet when the teacher walked in. He passed out books to everyone and then passed out several thick packets of different equations. He said most of it was a repeat of some of the things done last year. He got a lot of sighs when he said it was due in two weeks. He passed out a semester pamphlet showing an outline of what they would be doing that semester. He said to be sure we brought at least a three subject notebook with us to every class because we were going to be writing out all of the equations in the book.

            "I'm hoping to get through at least half of the book by Christmas break" said Mr. Baker "Now if anyone need's any help please let me know. I will help you if you ask otherwise I can't. In addition, this year the Nationwide Achievement Test will be taking place this year. If any one of you excel yourself you could be chosen to take it. The test give's our school more funding if so many of our student's pass it."

            The bell rang.

            "Now remember those packets are due in two weeks" said Mr. Baker "Remember if you need help just ask."

            "It was nice seeing you again" said Nick gathering his things and leaving.

            Candice put everything in her bag and left the classroom. Candice walked to English and took a seat in the back by the window. She checked her pager so far so good.

            "Is the world coming to an end" asked Christy sitting down next her.

            "No just checking" said Candice as her phone went off.

            "Candice turn it off" said Miss Winters.

            "It's my mom" said Candice "She wouldn't call if it wasn't important."

            "When the bell rings hang it up" she said.

            "Hello" said Candice,

            "Candice when school lets out come to your restaurant" said Susan.

            "What's wrong" asked Candice.

            "It was an attempted robbery" said Susan "The Detective wants to talk to you."

            "Hang it up Candice" said Miss Winters.

            "I'll be there as soon as school lets out" said Candice "I have to go. Bye."

            "Bye" said Susan.

            "Sorry Miss Winters" said Candice.

            "You know there are no phones allowed in class" said Miss Winters passing out books "Now these books are going to be part of your work books. These other ones you cannot write in so make sure you have plenty of paper or a note book is fine. Now these packets are a review of last year. This packet is an outline of what we will be doing this semester. But those of you who cant help but go ahead don't go ahead to far I don't want some students doing work and others doing nothing because they already finished. Now if you flip to page three it gives a list of different projects we will be doing. Now for those of you who have a tendency of working ahead let me know your choice or I will choose one for you. The First one is an event of your life, something that changed you forever. Yes Christy."

            "Dose the event have to be real or not?" asked Christy "Because I have nothing."

            "Yes it has to be real" said Miss Winters "It can be anything like joining a club or going on vacation. Now those books will be the only ones you will get. If you lose them you will have to pay to have them replaces. Now the books we'll be reading is on the next page. Now we will be reading these books in class but if you work ahead. I want a chapter by chapter summery."

            There were a lot of goners it seemed each teacher was trying to outdo the other on how much work they could give them. Candice looked at the list of book most she had already read and knew them by heart and could do the summery s without looking at the book at all the rest of the books she would have to read. Finding time to do it was going to be a problem. If the rest of her classes were like her first two she was in for a lot of homework in a short amount of time.

            The bell rang before Miss Winters had finished talking most of the students could not get out fast enough. Candice stopped at her locker and dropped off her homework and books for her first two classes. Then she headed to her history class. History was one of her favorite subjects. A lot of time's she could see it repeating itself.

            "Welcome back" said Mr. Matthews "This year well be doing something a little different. These Packets will tell you all the fun stuff we are doing this year. So look through it now or later. Here are your books and your workbooks. OK now as you can see we are doing several independent reports. These reports are on here for a reason, now I know some of you work faster at these things then others do. I'm sure some of you already have the people place's and time period picked out. This isn't just for our country the ones that say optional are extra credit. Others you have no choice but to do. Now does anyone have anything picked out? Now depending on the country and time period you pick will depend on how many reports you have to do. Show of hands on who has chosen already."

Candice's hand was the only one that went into the air.

            "Candice Redfield tell me so I can write it down" said Mr. Matthews "Now whatever she picks is out no one else can do. I don't want to see the same report over and over again. So what's your choice?"

"China" said Candice.

            "Really what Dynasty" asked Mr. Matthews.

            "The Three Kingdoms Age" said Candice.

            "Are you sure" asked Mr. Matthews "You would be writing at least a hundred reports on the different people during that time. You can choose a different time."

            "It's alright that's the one I want to do" said Candice.

            Other kids started whispering at the workload she chose for herself. Others would have chosen one where they would have to do little work. Not Candice though she didn't look it her mom's side of the family was Chinese.

            "Ok if youre sure" said Mr. Matthews writing it down not that anyone else would pick it "Now if you can't decide on one I can assign you one. Now your work has to be your own. You cant just copy and paste from the internet. I want all finished work to be typed. Any questions?"

            "Yeah is she insane?" asked someone "It will take her the entire year to do that."

            "That's enough" said Mr. Matthews "No one is to judge anyone on what they pick. True it's a lot of work because there were a lot of people who made a difference in that time. The reports can be turned in at any time during the semester. But you all must fallow the other homework youre given and turn that in on time. Now all of you need to pick something over the weekend. Those who haven't I will choose for you."

            The bell rang and Candice headed to the Cafeteria and sat down. They were not serving lunch but most of the students did not have a class at the time. The point of the day was for all the new students to get a feel of where there classes. Candice looked at her schedule she had Computers, Science and P.E. left to go. Two out of three she was going to have a lot of homework to do. She didn't do herself any favors by choosing the country and time period she did for History. But it may not take her long to do most of her work and when she was in school she liked to keep busy. Even though she did something else on the side. But so far her pager hadnt went off. Yet.

            The lunch period was cut in half so instead of ten minutes they were sitting there doing nothing for five. Candice had been right about her remaining classes In Computers the packets and books they were given were twice as thick as the ones she had already gotten. They spent the ten minutes setting up there accounts and passwords. They finished just before the bell rang. Science was hard enough without having to do all the definitions the teacher gave them. The definitions were in there textbook and there textbook was as thick as the door.

Most of the students thought that the workload they were getting was because of the test coming up while others thought it was because they were a level higher. All they did in P.E. was sit and listen to the rules and dress code. When the final bell rang Candice chose the books and packets she was taking home over the weekend.

            "Candice no one is going to be doing homework this weekend except you" said Annabel watching Candice fill her bag with her Math, English and History books and packets.

            "Hi Candice" said Nick.

            "Hi" said Candice.

            "Who are you?" asked Annabel.

            "Nick" said Nick "We were in the same Pre K class."

            "You expect us to remember back that far" said Annabel.

            Candice zipped her bag and closed her locker.

            "I have to go" said Candice "Annabel you coming?"

            "Right behind you" said Annabel "Do you remember that guy."

            "No" said Candice.

            "He seems like a loser" said Annabel.

            "Annabel" said Candice.

            "Sorry" said Annabel "It's true."

            They walked to The Jade Palace Restaurant. A place that was normally packed was now closed due to the attempted robbery. Candice's mom was inside waiting with a detective.

            "Candice" said Susan "How was school?"

            "Good" said Candice "Detective what can I do for you?"

            "I need to have a look at your security tapes" said The Detective "Your mother misplaced her key."

            "It's at home on the table where she left it" said Candice opening the security room door.

            Candice hit eject and handed each tape to the detective.

            "Thank you" said the Detective.

            "If you already caught the guy why do you need the tapes" asked Candice.

            "We believe a crime team made a deal here sometime today" said The Detective "We need to find out who it is and stop them."

            "Good luck to you then" said Candice.

            "Well if we don't get them Black Rose will" said The detective.

            "I'm sure she will" said Candice as the detective left.

            "So are you reopening" asked Susan.

            "Yeah" said Candice.

            Candice made all the necessary calls though most of the workers were still there. The Kitchen was started back up and as soon as the open sign was turned on and people flooded in after a few minutes.

            Candice sat at a back table working on her homework. Her mom went back to work. She owned her own catering business and sometime had an event or something every night of the week. Candice had to pull an arm and a leg to open a restaurant at the age of fifteen. It didn't take much to do it, it was mostly convincing her mom to let her. The only way she would let her open it was if she could hire someone to make sure the money that came in stayed in.

            A plate of food was put in front of her by a server. Candice thanked her and she walked away. Candice put her homework away and began looking at her plans to open her own company. Ceder Falls was about the size of Harvardvill and Oak Haven. But it was what she owned on the outside that counted. For her fifteenth birthday her Grandpa Han signed a bunch of land to her. Each property had different conditions one thing three of them had in common were rear metals stones. She had only been down to see them once but they were running out of storage space for them. Other land was to preserve the wildlife it held. She had been flooded with calls from people who wanted to buy it from her at huge prices but said no every time.

            Candice finished her proposal and was going to submit it to her Grandpa James the next morning. On her birthday, James had said she needed to learn how to be an executive even though she was still young. Therefore, he signed over several buildings and houses to her. Candice knew they were both just trying to get her started. Her mom did not like the idea but could do nothing except put the money away until she was sixteen she would get the rest at eighteen.

            "This looks good" said Candice "No way he can say no. He can convince my mom to."

            One of the old buildings her Grandpa James gave her had something else in it. It used to be an old hotel but now it was only used for on purpose. Her HQ every superhero needed one and her Grandpa James had always known what she was doing from the start so he helped her out with everything she needed. It was better than his basement.

            Her pager went off. Candice looked at it. It was a 911 there was a fire at Ceder Creek Suburbia. Candice got up said she would be back to close and left.

Getting to the fire wasn't easy all she had was a learners permit so her Grandpa James wouldn't let her drive. It wasn't too far anyway. She got there to see an apartment building on fire.

            "What happened?" asked Black Rose.

            "Don't know we can't get in to get the rest of the people out" said Commissioner Vanderbolt.

            "Leave it to" said Black Rose "Where are they?"

            "On the top floor" said Commissioner Vanderbolt.

            Black Rose shot her grappling hook up and shot to the top floor. She could hear someone yelling for help. She made her way to the voice.

            "Someone help I can't walk" said a mans voice.

            "Sire are you ok" asked Black Rose.

            "Please help me" he said, "I can't move my legs."

            "Get on my back" said Black Rose.

            She looked for an escape route the route she took to get in was still open. A Fire Fighter was several feet down on a ladder.

            "Try and pass him down the ladder wont go any further" he said reaching for the man.

            Black Rose passed him down once the fire fighter had him he gave a signal for her to let go.

            "Help" yelled someone.

            It sounded like a little girl.

            "My niece" said the man "I have to go back."

            "I'll get her don't worry" said Black Rose turning around parts of the ceiling were falling.

            Black Rose could hear the girl screaming it sounded as though something fell on her. Black Rose found her a board was laying across her.

            "I cant get it off" she said.

            "Stay still" said Black Rose lifting the board off of her and tossing it aside.

            Black Rose took off her coat and put it around the girl.

            "I'm scared" said the girl when Black Rose put her on her back.

            "It's ok I've got you" said Black Rose "Hang on to my jacket it will protect you from the fire."

            "Ok" she said.

            Black Rose looked for a way out. There was no open path so she would have to make one. she pulled a rose from her belt pushed a button and through it. The fire went out leaving a small path for them. It didn't look like the best way to go but she was out of options. Black Rose walked slowly watching where she was stepping. There was creaking all around them. Black Rose's foot went through the floor. The girl screamed and held on tighter.

            "Hold on" said Black Rose.

            "I'm sacred" said the girl.

            "Is everyone out" asked Commissioner Vanderbolt.

            "Black Rose went back in to get a kid trapped on the top floor" said a fire fighter.

            "Let me back in there" said the man Black Rose pulled out of the fire "My niece needs me."

            "Sire you cant even walk" said a police officer keeping him on a bed.

            "She should have been out by now" said Commissioner Vanderbolt "What's taking so long the building looks like it could come down at any moment."

            "It's ok" said Black Rose "I've got you I won't let anything happen to you."

            Black Rose got her footing and pulled her leg out. It was a good thing her costume was fireproof otherwise they would have been burnt to a crisp by now. Black Rose continued to walk this time a little more quickly the window was only a few feet away. The floor was creaking way too much. The next step she took the floor gave way. They fell three storys down Black Rose hit her head on something on the way down.

            "Ow" said the girl wrapping the coat around her "Black Rose are you ok."

            "I'm alright are you ok" asked Black Rose.

            "My foot hurts" she said.

            She looked at it. It was already beginning to swell. Black Rose broke out the window and picked her up there was part of a fire escape but it wasn't safe to stand on. She shot her grappling hook to the building across form that one.

            "Now hold on tight and don't look down" said Black Rose.

            "Ok" she said.

            Black Rose pushed a button as she stepped out they were pulled up to the top of the next building. Black Roses coat fell to the ground.

            "There they are" yelled someone.

            Black Rose carried her down the fire escape. A paramedic took the girl over to be checked out.

            "I glad youre safe" said Commissioner Vanderbolt holding out her jacket.

            "Thanks" said Black Rose "It was touch and go for a few seconds there but I'm alright."

            "You should still get checked out" said Commissioner Vanderbolt.

            "I will" said Black Rose.

            She walked over to the paramedic and made sure she was OK. She was but it gave the Commissioner peace of mind when she did. Her leg did hurt a little bit but her boot cushioned most of the damage but over all she was OK. She put her jacket back on and left she the ambulance was leaving taking those who needed to be taken to the hospital.




            Black Rose was back at her HQ and rewound the DVR to see what the police were talking about. She seen two people one handing over a suitcase and the other kicking a bag under the table. They left at different time's but they left with the opposite of what they came in with. She zoomed in on one of the faces Liu Zhang leader of the new Shu movement in China. A few years ago they had a run in but it ended with him in jail. His new vision was to bring more crime into the world he still had a huge drug operation going between Ceder Falls and China as well as some other Cities she just had to find out where and when the shipments were arriving and then notify the right people. As she typed it was getting harder to pin point the locations but the more she did it the more the shipping records began to make since. The drug rain was bigger than she thought it was.

            "Well this isn't imposable" said Black Rose looking at the time and locations "Same time different places. Looks like I have some calls to make."

Another city popped up on the map Washington D.C. Along with the other cities there five in all. Mackenzie Falls, Crystal Lake, Harvardvill, Oak Haven, and Ceder Falls. Liu Zhang was keeping himself busy.

            Black Rose Set up silent alarm to go off but set up other stuff to be heard as well. She made all the necessary calls she told them who she was and gave them the time and places. Then she headed to the docks and waited five minutes before the shipments were to arrive she pushed a button and set everything off. She was hoping her calls were taken seriously. A boat pulled into the harbor Liu Zhang was waiting for it.

            "Two birds with one stone" said Black Rose getting closer.

            "Hay boss there's no one around" said one of his men.

            "Black Rose has the ability to hide herself until she decides otherwise" said Liu Zhang "This time she won't get in my way."

            "Ah" said Black Rose "I flattered that you think about me. But I'm afraid youre not my type."

            "How" said Liu Zhang.

            "It's true public places keep someone from kicking you in the head" said Black Rose "But it's also the best place to get caught."

            "What are you idiots standing around for" said Liu Zhang "Get her."

            Black Rose jumped down and kicked one of them backwards. Two of his men grabbed her she forced them into each other. Liu Zhang swung some kind of tazer stick at her. The last time he hit her with one of those things she was bruised of a month. She did everything she could to avoid being hit with it. It got harder with ten other people attacking her at once.

Liu Zhang hit with it. She went down.

            "Youre still just a little brat who can't mind her own business" said Liu Zhang "It's over."

            Black Rose kicked the stick out of his hand.

            "Your still an idiot who thinks the same thing will work twice" said Black Rose "After our last fight I made a few improvement to my outfit."

            "Flowers don't last forever" said Liu Zhang attacking her again.

            "Boss I got bad news" said one of his men running off the boat "The other shipments have been stopped the police are arresting everyone involved."

            "How did you do that" asked Liu Zhang "There no way you can be in five places at once."

            Liu Zhang hit her in the leg. She hit the ground he was hitting what skin that was showing. Now she hated that she chose to change her outfit to shorts. He kicked her in the chest.

            "You won't get in my way again" said Liu Zhang kicking her again "Like I said flowers don't last forever. Now they can call you Dead Rose."

She grabbed his hand and used her other leg to hold him back the stick got closer to her face.

            "You should think about yourself more than me" said Black Rose pulling a rose out of her belt ad pushed a button smoke came out of it. Liu Zhang backed up. She pulled out several more as she stood up they all started running. Police sirens were getting closer. Each rose she through tied up one or two people.

Liu Zhang hit her in the head with something knocking her down. He hit her in the back with it and kicked her. He dropped what he was holding and grabbed a hand full of her hair and slammed her into the wall several times. Pain shot through her leg every time she moved it. Black rose used her arm to cover her head.

 Liu Zhang put a chokehold on her. Black Rose kicked the wall forcing Liu Zhang backward he hit the ground and let her go. Black Rose roiled away from him He got up and ran at her. She stuck her foot up and forced him to go over her. Liu Zhang hit the wall. Black Rose took out a rose and thought it at him. Ropes bound him there as he cursed her. She looked at her leg it was covered in blood from where he hit her with the tazer stick. Paramedics came over and started to look at her. News crews had recorded the fight.

            "Black Rose do you have any comments on the situation" asked A Reporter.

            "Black Rose, are you alright?" asked another.

            "I'm fine" she said.

            The questions kept coming as she walked over to the Commissioner.

            "Are you ok" asked Commissioner Vanderbolt.

            "I'll be fine" said Black Rose.

            "Well the rest of his cartel has been put behind bars" said Commissioner Vanderbolt "Thanks to you they will be behind bars for a long time. I just spoke with the Chinese Representative they are grateful and thank you for your help in stopping this drug rain."

            "It was no trouble" said Black Rose.

            "Now you should get that leg looked at" said Commissioner Vanderbolt.

            She shot her grappling hook up and left.

            She limped into her HQ she grabbed something to stop the bleeding she pulled her boot off to see her entire leg was covered in blood as she cleaned up her leg she seen a bruise forming under the cut. This was going to hurt for a while. She took off her costume and looked at her back. It was red where she had been hit her chest was alright he didn't hit her that heard there. He got desperate at the end he wanted her down long enough to get away. He might have gotten away with something she didn't see his partner anywhere. He either took off when she was fighting or he didn't show up. She changed back into her regular cloths after wrapping her leg when it stopped bleeding.

            She went to finish closing her restaurant. As she was emptying the cash register and counting out the rest of the money, she needed to get to the bank the next day. She did a lot better then she thought for being closed for the morning she locked the money up and then locked all the doors and went home.


End of Preview

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