My Father Will Hear About This

Draco Malfoy is a bad boy. Always had, always will be.
But when a certain dark-haired boy appears in his life, is it time for Draco to let his sweet side show?

-A Drarry fanfic (hopefully) written for the Bad Boy competition-


1. Chapter One

Draco Malfoy loved nothing more than to spend his evening drinking himself stupid at his favourite club, The Basilisk, and then stumbling home to sleep it off. No mess, fuss, or anything unnecessary, just hard vodka and a couple of beers. 

Maybe a hot guy on the side as well.

It was on such an evening that he was interrupted  from his glass of whiskey by a certain someone.

"Uh, hey..."an uncertain voice stammered from his left. Draco turned and saw a mess of black hair, askew glasses, and beautiful green eyes staring at him.

"Hey, cutie." he drawled. The boy blushed. 

"Um, is this seat taken?" 

"No, it's all yours, babe.


(to be continued ;) )

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