best fewnds


9. 9


"look Peyton you cant just go and beat people even if they did kiss you but the only person that you can beat is brooke because shes a bitch" I said "oh wow so I cant beat harry but I can beat Brooke fair" she said "yes but just don't beat her for no reason ookay" I said laughing. she smiled and kissed me  " I love you Nialler" she said " I love you to" I said and was going to kiss her when we heard a nock on the door. ""UGH ILL GET IT" Peyton yelled and ran down stairs me be hide her.  "hello" I asked and guess who I saw BROOKE "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT SLUT BITCH" Peyton yelled "damn calm down I was jut going to say Niall be my boyfriend and if you don't I will hurt Peyton" she said "NO I WILL NEVER BE YOUR BOYFRIEND EVER AND IF YOU HURT PEYTON I WILL SEW YOU FOR ALL YOU GOT" I yelled "wait hold on" peyton said shuting the door "okay so if you fake date her and et me enough time to figure out what to do but if you do no kissing sex or anything that couples do and noAND I MEAN NO holding hands" she said "wait didn you guys use to be friends" I ask "OMG yes and I have alot of embarrassing fact about her that I can use" she said "okay ill do no sex kissing or holding hands got" I said and opened the door "okay Brooke ill date you but please just don't hurt Peyton" I said she seemed so happy and went to kiss me but I slaped her "i didn't say id kiss you" I said "ugh fine and lets go to a movie" she said grabbing my arm and trying to pull me out "no I have things to do" I said and shut the door "Peyton will you please be my first I asked. 

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