Shaped by Them

Aphrodites. That's what they call us after they destroyed exactly what gave us our 'species' it's name. Now, we are their pets.


1. 1.

Dear President of the United States,                                       May 14, 1988 Saturday 12:45 pm.


Aphrodites. That's what we call them. I must report that we have done something terrible. Please read through this document to decide our next move with this very strange, human like species.


Their kind lived on an island called Aphro, a lion shaped island with apple tree's for a mane. Uncivilized, untamed, free, they have lived there for who knows how long until we came to their island. We mistakenly believed that a special rock on the island called Drites was what had turned them wild, and we took about forty of them captive and blew up the island. They tried to stop us, of course, for they knew something we didn't- that Drites where the substances that controlled time. Destroying the Drites would result in time on earth going off balance, and certain humans would be affected by this. They would be stuck in time forever, never to grow older. But the by time we figured it out, it was too late. After the great destruction, it was soon learned that nothing could be changed, that the island was gone forever, and few Drites were left on earth. We have brought the forty Aphrodrites back on The Platitara, a voyage ship your secretary of state supplied for us.  They are a stubborn species that will not learn our ways, though they are quite capable. Please respond to this message as soon as possible.


Sargent F.C. of the Red Army Officials.


I finished reading the document through the glass case, swishing my tail in annoyance. Yes, you heard right. I have a tail.


Am I a dog? No. Cat? No. Fox? Well, partially.


The year is now January 14, 2018, and I'm standing in the national history museum, reading the very letter that helped seal my fate as an Aphrodite. After bringing us back to their lands, the 'normal' people tried to teach us how to be like them, but they failed. Soon they gave us our shapes, fitting us with tails and ears and making us act like animals. Now, we are their pets.


Speaking of which, I better get home to my master before he sends the police after me again and I get an even worse punishment. I shouldn't have even left the house, as it's against the law for an Aphrodite to be out without their owners, but I had to see the oh-so-special piece of paper all the humans had been gloating about for myself. Didn't seem so great to me. If anything, I hated it.


Oh well, time to go back to hell. Oops, I mean home.


This was our home:



This is me:


This is what my fox looks like:



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