Why Twilight Is Better Than Star Wars

For all "Star Wars" fans. ;-)


11. Plot

STAR WARS: The Trade Federation invades a planet, so everyone goes to save it despite their smaller numbers and come out ahead. Visiting a strange planet, they bring along a boy who saves them and later becomes a Jedi. 10 years later, he meets Padme, who used to be the Queen but is now a Senator. They eventually fall in love, meanwhile, Obi-Wan does a detective job and clashes with a badass bounty hunter. They are all captured, leading to a fight to the death between Jedi and droids. Soon after, they realize it was a trap to bring the evil Sith Lords back to power. The Sith succeed, and Anakin is transformed into Darth Vader. However, a group of brave Rebels fight back against the Empire, and steal the Death Star plans. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker becomes a Jedi under Ben's tutelage. However, Ben is killed in an attempt to rescue a Princess. Luke later blows up the Empire's superweapon, and goes to Dagobah to learn from a different Jedi named Yoda. He abandons the training and faces Darth Vader, who reveals that he is Luke's father. Luke deserts the fight and participates in a rescue mission for Han Solo. After emerging victorious, they go to Endor, meet a flock of teddy bears, and fight the Empire in a finale including space battles, lightsaber duels, and land battles between stormtroopers and Ewoks. The Rebels win, and the Sith are destroyed for good. The Republic is restored. 

TWILIGHT: Bella moves to a rainy town. In high school, she meets a vampire she later learns is 100. Together, they share a romance--until it dashes to pieces when Edward abandons her for her own good. Amid her misery, she jumps off a cliff to hear his voice. However, he later returns to her, but not before she cozies up to a shape-shifter. Later, Bella gets pregnant with a cannibal baby named Renesmee, who tries to eat her; as a result, Edward turns her into a vampire. They go up against the Volturi and, after a brief clash, are able to reason with Aro. All is well.

I think you know who takes the crown here.

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