Professor Bunny

A playboy model is forced to leave the mansion, along with her job. She goes to community college, and is mistaken for a famous professor with multiple personality disorder. How will she teach a class she knows nothing about, and what will happen when the doctor finds out?


5. Class

Gideon was in his office with Chloe.

"So, the crazy doctor showed up after all?" Chloe asked angrily.

"Yes! And she's wonderful! So nice, down to earth, beautiful..." Gideon beamed.

"Don't go falling in love, now."

"I just mean, she's not what I expected."

"Well, how could she be? She's four different people!"

"Well, whatever personality I met yesterday was great."

"She better be! This is the most this college has payed anyone."

"She'll be great. I know it."

"You better hope so, or it's your butt!"

"You do realize your not paying me, right?"



Phoebe was walking to the classroom she'd be teaching in. She was wearing a tight, sleeveless, orange dress that she bought with her first paycheck. She thought it might distract the students from the fact she didn't know anything.

"Well, here goes nothing! Literally!" Phoebe said to herself.

Phoebe walked in the classroom, the students were already talking about her.

"So, I heard the new psych professor's a total nut job!" Koal, one of the students said to Athena.

"She's written five books, has three PhDs, and she's treated four hundred and two patients!" Athena ranted.

"I didn't mean to offend you." Koal said, reaching out.

"Don't touch my rape whistle!" Athena cried. "That's her, pay attention!"

"She is smokin'!" Koal whistled.

"Shut up!" Athena whispered.

"Hello everyone! I'm... Dr. Tantalus!" Phoebe lied.

"Hi!" Athena squeaked.

That was all Phoebe rehearsed and they were all staring at her!

"Is she OK?" Koal snickered.

"Be quiet!" Athena hissed.

Phoebe had to think of something, and quick. She had to draw inspiration from something, but what? She decided to draw inspiration from Dead Poets Society.

"OK class! I want you to turn to the first page of your book and I want you to rip it out!"

"But that's the table of contents..." Rumor, another student, said.

"Rip it out! Come on! You can do it!" Phoebe exclaimed.

"Just do what she says!" Athena added.

"But how will we know what pages to go to?" Rumor questioned.

"Uh... You will know in your heart. For that is how we... Cameron Diaz." Phoebe stuttered.

"What?" Athena asked confusedly.

"Seize the day?" Phoebe nervously added.

"This is crazy! I paid 60 dollars for this book. How am I going to resell it on eBay with no table of contents?" Rumor shouted.

"Fine. You want to play tough? I can play tough too! Read the entire book by next class!" Phoebe yelled.

"You can't do that!" Rumor growled.

"I already read the whole book!" Athena laughed.

"Now YOU shut up!" Koal raved.

"I can and I will! Class dismissed!" Phoebe shrieked.

"Class dismissed?!" Athena wailed.


Phoebe walked outside, and started to cry. That class went horrible! How was she going to do this?

"Dr. Tantalus? Is that you?" Gideon wondered.

"Oh! It's you! Please, call me Phoebe." Phoebe answered.

"Phoebe? Is this a new one?" Gideon asked, referring to her personalities.

"Yes! I just got this one yesterday." Phoebe responded, thinking he was talking about her new dress.

"Well, hello then, Phoebe. Did I meet YOU yesterday?"

"Yes. That was me!"

"Oh good! How was the first day of class?"

" was OK..."

"She was acting totally insane and then she left class a half hour early! My father payed good money to this program and I want my money's worth!" Phoebe overheard Athena complain to Chloe.

"You're totally right. Your father is s major contributor to this school and I promise you that we will get to the bottom of this." Chloe added.

"Well, since your new in town I'd love to show you around... I mean, if you'd like to." Gideon stuttered, not hearing the conversation Chloe and Athena were having.

"Hang on a sec. Athena? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Phoebe asked calmly.

"Fine." Athena answers angrily. "What?"

Phoebe didn't know what to say to Athena, her mind was blanking. Than Phoebe thought back to her life before she came to college, her life at the playboy mansion. She had a memory of Hugh telling her to 'use her special talent'. Athena had messy hair, no fashion sense, and she didn't seem to have any friends. Athena was totally insecure!

"What did you want?" Athena asked, interrupting Phoebe's thoughts.

"To tell you how amazing you are!" Phoebe cheered.


"Today's class was a test and you passed!"

"A test on what?"

"Ummm.... To see which student was the most...good. And it was you!"

"I knew it! I just knew it!"

"Now you don't need to try so hard anymore."

"What do you mean, 'try so hard'?"

"I just mean... You don't have many friends so you feel you have to overcompensate by being really smart and... Oh no..." 

Before Phoebe could say anymore, Athena started crying and ran away.

"Is she OK?" Gideon worried.

"Oh, yeah...she'll be fine. In about ten years." Phoebe mumbled.

"So, how about that tour?"

"Um, I just realized that I forgot to shower! Bye!"

"Bye! Why did I say that?! I mush have come on way too strong."

"GIDEON! We're going to have a little chat about Dr. Tantalus." Chloe yelled.

"Oh, boy." 

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