Ghost house


1. baby blue

I look out the window As we past trees and more trees and even more trees. We come to a slow stop and turn left on to our new drive way. "Come on girls,it's not that bad." My dad says but it is it is that bad. I don't want to move I don't want a "new start". I open my door and a cold rush of wind blows. It cold and crisp just the start of fall. School has already started so I go tomorrow. "Come on May,Get out of the car." I look and my little sister is still sitting there in her car seat.

"I'll get her dad." I say and i reach down to get her. "Come on May I know I don't like it but I got out of the car." I unbuckle her and pull her out. She wrapped her little arms around my neck pulling herself as close as possible. I pick up her bag and mine and carry her in to our new house.

"May, Raven...Come back her and get more stuff." My dad yells. I put May down and leave the house.

"NOOOOO!!" I hear my sister scream and me and my dad look at each other and race to the house. When we get inside May is laying on the ground with a knife by her stomach.

"May!!! Put that down now!!" I yell she been this way seance her 3rd birthday.

Know matter how many pills we give her. She looks at me with confusion and looks at her hands and puts the knife down. Me and my dad run to her. "Why!?! Why would you do that?!! Do ever do that again you hear me?!?" I yell tears in eyes.

"I...I...sorry." She said I pick her up and carry her to my new room and turn on the light and put her in the room and shut and lock the door she screams to be let out. I fall to the ground and cry as my 5 year old sister screams and tells me she hate me. After we get all the stuff in the house I run up to my room and open the door my sister is sitting on my bed. "Go away I hate you!!" She yells and crys.

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry May Please don't hate me. I love you very much. Was blue?" I ask her. She turns and looks at my a nods. She crawls in my arms and cry. I went through what she's going through. I still sometimes do but it never really happens now. Baby blue is a little boy who is dead and he try's to get you to kill yourself he's whispers in your head and gives you horrible dreams and he shows you how to kill your self. We call him Baby Blue because his always as a blue bib on.

I lay down with my little sister in my arms her head laying on my arm. I look at her and think why? Does this happen to a sweet little girl. She so nice and clam. Why? As I fall fast asleep.

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