The Lost Merman

Four years have passed since the defeat of Morgana and everyone is happy until both kings of the land and the sea want to pass their crowns to Eric and Ariel, who can't force themselves to part from each other.
As if that wasn't bad enough, a monster from the sky has come and demand that the kings hand him their crowns or war. Who can save everyone and everything?


5. The Sea Orb

Kevin, Barry and Berry were very shocked to see Chris standing there with the light-blue Sea Orb!
   "So my wish did come true!" a relieved Barry sighed.
   "Yes," smiled Chris. "Now let's make my wish come true. Come on, let's head back to the dungeon of Jaco-Palo."
   "What really happened?" asked Kevin, as all of them were up in the air.
   "Well..." began Chris.

As soon he fell down in the sinking mud after his friends tried to help him up, he was sinking further and further. Then he stopped and tried to climb up and he did, but only to find himself in water. In fact, he was outside the Kingdom of Atlantica. How he was breathing he still didn't know now. Then he head talking approaching him so he hid behind a nearby rock and guess who he saw – Princess Melody and her friends Tip the penguin and Dash the Walrus.
   "If that bird brain does come here, we'll show him!" boasted Tip.
   "Show him our weakness, more-like," groaned Dash.
   "Come on, you guys," said Melody. "We must keep our hopes up. If we lose that, what more can we do?"
   And they all swam away. After hearing that, Chris knew he had to act so he swam or rather flew underwater to the outskirts. He found nothing until he came to a strange lair. It was dark and ugly. Then he recognized it – the home of Ursula the Sea Witch.
   Chris went in, but it was so scary and lots of air bubbles would shoot up. When he got to her spell room, he was frightened about what to do and what to touch. Then he saw some a little scroll under her sea cauldron where she would do her spells; that's what he heard Ariel told Eric nearly twenty years ago. Then he looked at it and saw a route, leading out of her house, out further to the outskirts and to where the mark was. He thought that was the Sea Orb and, since there was no other evidence, he went for it.
   Chris wondered why no one had ever tried to take a scroll before and then he found the answer. There were about five dozen squid legs appearing from the sea and they caught him and the scroll. They tried to choke him to death, but then he saw Ursula's unused potions nearby. So he caught the nearest one and threw it on the ground. The liquid sunk into the sand and the tentacles realised Chris. Now free, he caught the scroll. He didn't know what he did but he did know there wasn't any time to think either so he flew out.
   Before Crhis left the lair, outside something from the ground appeared from the sand! It was an octopus! A normal sized octopus, but her tentacles were the same colour of the giant ones that nearly killed him.
   "I've been under there for about – oh, who knows how long? What's happened?" she asked.
   "King Triton's daughter, Princess Ariel, has had a daughter called Melody and Ursula and Morgana are dead as the sea dodos," he told her, giving her the best answer he could think off.
   There was a long pause. "Boy, have I missed much!" And she swam in the opposite direction from me.

Chris have been following the map, but the more he followed it, the less sure he felt because everything looked like the same and the least-likely to contain booby traps. But still he focused and it led to a crack underneath a giant rock. He dug under it, like Max does to his bones, and he swan underneath.
   Chris was inside a very dark cave. So dark he kept bumping into rocks and bruising himself. Then he had a bit of luck. He saw a flashing dark-blue light approaching from a distant. So he followed it very weakly, but still focused. Then he found the X mark – the Sea Orb!
   Chris got very close to it, touched it and then grabbed it! Nothing happened, so he swam ahead and was planning to meet up with his friends, but then something caught him by the feet, both sharp and stinging. He turned around and saw a jellyfish next to him! He was a martial arts expert.
   "You want to get out with that orb alive, you will have to go through Jel-Sting!" cried the jellyfish.
   "Look, I don't want to fight you!" Chris cried back. But Jel-Sting didn't listen to him, so Chris had to draw my sword and fight him. But no matter how hard he fought, he was no match for Jel-Sting. He was always getting stung by him everywhere... Well, not everywhere, but he didn’t want to tell anyone about it.
   Then, for some reason, he landed next to his friends at the cliff with the sea orb in his hand...

"... and you know what happens now," concluded Chris.
   "What?" asked Berry.
   "We take these orbs to that prisoner in the dungeon and we save the world," answered Chris. "Come on."
   And the birds flew off.

While Chris was busy with the Sea Orb and the birds, he didn't realise he was being followed by Melody and her friends. They were answering a call for help from the outskirts. "Help! Help!"
   "Oh, boy, it really feels good to be a hero again!" cried Tip happily.
   So they went to the cave and he, Dash and Melody pushed the rock away from the cave and freed Jel-Sting!
   "Are you all right?" asked Melody.
   "The Sea Orb is taken!" exclaimed Jel-Sting. "A skyman's taken it!"
   "Melody!" cried a voice. She turned around to see Princess Ariel and her friends, Flounder and Sebastian. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "You know, I feel safer when you're in the palace."
   "But, mom, the Sea Orb is taken from a skyman!" Melody exclaimed.
   "What?" exclaimed Ariel.
   "But no one in this world would've knew or would've even guess it was here!" exclaimed Sebastian.
   "Unless, since Jaco-Palo survived, he might be sending spies and trackers to find them!" thought Flounder.
   "Quick! To the surface!" ordered Ariel. "We'll find them before anyone else finds out!"
   They all went to the surface and couldn't find anyone. Not even a cloud in the sky.
   "Look!" exclaimed Melody as she pointed to a skyman and three birds flying in the sky.
   Then a big mighty SPLASH came behind them! They turned around and saw it was Toughclaw. "You invited me?" he chuckled.
   "CHARGE!" cried Tip and Dash as they went for him, but Touchclaw picked them up with his beak in one second flat. He picked up Ariel and Melody with his claws and he picked up Sebastian and Flounder with his beak too.
   As he was flying away, there was war-cry. "I'm coming, sweetie!" cried Scuttle the seagull as he charged for Toughclaw. But Toughclaw used the mermaids to kick him away and threw him on his favourite rock, where he would usually sit.
   "I have brain and brawn, you have neither!" Toughclaw laughed as he flew away.

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