*Entry for the Bad Boy Competition*

I would like to enter the cover as well :)

Girls will, most likely fall for the Bad Boy. And with that in mind, a few senior boys decide to become that special Bad Boy
"This is not your high school, "How to become a Bad Boy class", you are in senior year, this is "The BBP". This takes, time, skills and of course, for those who have it, badness."


2. 1.



I watched his moves carefully before mounting my motorbike. He was smoking a cigarette. His curly hair was pulled behind by a black bandanna and his muscles were peeking out from his leather jacket which seemed to be skin tight. He was so bad and he did not even try to stop it from spilling over his attitude. He would talk back, laugh and make a girl feel unworthy, just to catch some other chicks attention. 

He liked the ones with short skirts, tight tops and high heels. The ones who layered their face with tons of make up and would do anything his steel heart desired. The ones who twirled blond hair in between their manicured fingertips while listening to some crappy hit, in the music industry only girls of their type liked. He would call them the Chihuahuas. Pretty yet stupid. Although I did not see the beauty in Chihuahuas. Only small, annoying, bratty dogs. I assume that, is the main reason he would call the girl of such type Chihuahuas.

"Hey Bark!" Liam yelled behind me making me turn my attention to him and take off my helmet.

"Yeah?" I questioned and straightened my back. 

"Can you tell me what is so interesting about that Styles kid?" he asked raising a light brown eyebrow.

Liam liked me. It was always easy to read the jealousy written all over his face every time Styles would check me out. Every time I would check him out or get lost in thoughts of how bad he looked.

"He is bad." I answered with a smirk plastered on my red lips, just to annoy the boy. 

Liam huffed and pulled at his hair. "And what is wrong with me Bark?" he smirked and winked.

His failed attempt to flirt with me was making the situation hilarious and I couldn't help it but laugh. 

"Hey!" Liam protested and pouted. "I can be bad too." he mumbled like a five year old who was trying to prove something important to his older siblings. I shook my head.

"With that pout on your face, you are as harmless as a butterfly can get."

Liam furrowed his eyebrows, "You say I can not be bad?"

I nodded my head with a huge smile lighting my face. Liam could never be bad. He could not even hurt a fly!

"I challenge you Chloe Davis, that I, Liam Payne, will be as bad as that Styles kid, and you will change your opinion about me forever." He extended his hand for me to shake. I looked down at it and then back at him. "Sure?" I questioned. He shook his head and I shook his and.

"Let the BBP start." I mumbled before mounting back onto my motorbike and leaving Liam standing alone.

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