The best greenday concert ever ( michael clifford fanfic)

Will Michael and lia become friends of more


1. the concert

"Hay lia how are you" Summer asked you. "Hay summer I'm good what's up?" You and Summer have bin huge fans of 5sos since the verry first video of luke and today 5sos are in you're state but you are going to a greenday concert so you are bummed that you can't stalk 5sos but you don't care cus you are goin to see FUCKING GREENDAY like holy FUCK "lia I heard 5sos are going to the mall wanna come?" Summer asked "sorry I can't I'm going to see greenday today and I'm getting ready To go now" "oh ok have fun" Summer said "ok will do got to go I'm in my pj's and I leave in 20" "ok bye" "bye" *you get ready and leave and you are there now*

An sorry it is short that is all I have and sorry for spelling fails it is 7 in the morning and I never went to bed lol ok I'm done blabbing update as soon as I have more bye

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