Jane Courson is a girl that lived in Scotland with her parents. Being the only child, she was given anything money could buy, but to her, money wasn't everything. She wanted fun, love and adventure in her life, something that was always denied for many years.
Two days after school was over, she made the decision to run away from home, moving to London and looking for adventure.
In London, her curly haired neighbour, not knowing that he was the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction, becomes her best friend and changes her life forever.


3. Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up feeling strong arms around my waist. I slowly turned around and saw a sleeping Harry. He looked so cute asleep, with his face relaxed, his curls sprawled on his forehead and his lips slightly parted. I tried not to wake him up as I got up, but as I tried to get out of his embrace I felt his grip around me tighten.

“No, stay.” He mumbled, nestling his head on my neck.

“Harry let go of me.” I said laughing awkwardly.

“I want to sleep.” He groaned and I laughed.

“Okay you can sleep just let go of me.” I said moving his arm. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a warm smile.

“Sorry.” He said taking his arms off of me, and groaned while stretching.

“It’s okay.” I said sitting up and stretching. “Sleep well?”

“Very.” He smiled.

“Now, if you don’t mind I’ll go out for a run.”

“You are crazy.” He said and pulled the blanket up over his head.

I took my bag and walked to the bathroom. I put on a pair of sweats, slipped on an orange tank top and a black hoodie. I walked back to Harry’s bedroom and he was asleep again. I smiled and sat down on the bed to slip my running shoes and tied them tightly. I grabbed my iPod, earphones and bottle of water before heading out the door.

A nice morning run was perfect to start my day, to take away stress, and to stay in shape because honestly, I was a bit lazy and I ate a lot so I had to do some exercise. I jogged around the park for about 40 minutes before stretching my back, legs, knees, and my arms over my head, getting ready to walk back Harry’s apartment.

“Morning.” A voice said next to me. I looked up and saw a guy stretching next to me. He was very attractive, and had beautiful blue eyes.

“Good morning.” I smiled.

“Do you run this route often? This is the first time I’ve seen you around here.” He said smiling.

“Oh no, I just moved here yesterday.”

“Really? That's great. How are you liking London so far?”

“Well I’ve only been to a little Italian restaurant but I’m loving it.” I smiled.

“I’m Danny.” He said offering his hand.

“Jane.” I smiled taking his hand

“Nice to meet you.” He smiled and looked down. “So Jane, would you… um.” He started, his cheeks a bit red. He was adorable. “Would you like to go out with me some day? I mean, to show you around the city and all that." I smiled and looked down, he was really cute.

“Sure, that’d be nice.” I smiled and gave him my number.

We said our goodbyes and I walked back to Harry’s apartment. I unlocked the door and walked inside, wiping the sweat from my forehead. Harry was at the kitchen, the table full of ingredients for pancakes maybe.

“Hello, love.”

“Hey. What are you doing?” I asked walking inside, drinking some water.

“Pancakes. How was your run?”

“It went alright. I met someone.” I smiled. “Anyway, can I take a shower here?”

“Of course. I’ll give you a towel.” He said and walked upstairs, me walking behind him. He gave me a towel and walked back downstairs.

After he left the room I jumped into the bathroom and took a quick shower, washing perfectly my hair and body. Oh this was a refreshing and relaxing shower. I started thinking what I needed to buy at IKEA, about my parents… should I call them and tell them I was in London? They are probably busy at work and have no time for me, like always. Probably I should send them a message to let them know I was going to decorate grandma’s apartment. I took a deep breath and got out of the shower, wrapping my body in the warm white towel before opening the door.

I put on my underwear, a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a pair of black vans and walked downstairs with Harry, letting my hair to dry by himself.

“Morning.” I smiled at Harry. He was standing in front of the stove having orange juice and reading the newspaper.

“Right on time! Breakfast is ready.” He said serving two plates.

"Thanks." I said sitting on the table.

"I had lots of fun yesterday." He smiled.

“Me too, it was lovely to spend time with you. And we have so much to do today.”

“This is going to be fun.” He smiled and placed a plate with pancakes, strawberries and a glass of orange juice in front of me. It looked delicious.

“I love strawberries!” I said taking one and eating it.

After having breakfast I helped him clean and we headed out to IKEA, which was about 10 minutes away from our apartments. During the car ride we talked about how I was planning on decorate my apartment, what I needed to buy today and what could wait, and we just joked around.


“Ready to do something that a newly married couple would do?” I asked and he laughed.

“Yes. What should we look at first?” Harry asked me as we walked into the store. “Faucets, beds, sheets, plates?”

“Beds.” I said as we walked next to each other, then I saw the living rooms. “Oh let’s start with the living room.” I said taking his hand and walking towards the living room area.

“Home sweet home.” I said as I sat down on the couch in front of a plasma screen. Harry chuckled and sat down next to me. “Our place really is lovely, isn’t it?”

“Lovely.” He smiled. I spotted the remote control and took it.

“Oh, Idol’s on.” I flicked on the remote, waiting for the TV to turn on. “TV’s not working.” I said in surprise. He laughed and placed his arm on my shoulder.

"We should do something else then." He said kissing my cheek. "What do you want to do?" I looked him in the eyes, thinking for a moment. I smiled and stood up.

"I race you to the bedroom.” I said and then I ran to a bedroom set as Harry followed me laughing.

I laid down on the bed and looked at Harry as he kneeled slowly lying almost on top of me. Our faces were inches apart and he was looking deeply at me.

“Darling, I don’t know how to tell you this but…” He said in a husky tone. “There are strangers in our bathroom.” I turned my face to see a couple with a baby, looking weirdly at us. My face turned red and we both giggled at how stupid and funny this was.

“This is fun.” I said looking at him. “You are fun.”

“Thanks.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

We both got off the bed and now seriously started looking for what I needed to buy. We started with beds, that was the most important thing to buy.

“How about this one?” Harry asked pointing towards a king sized bed.

“No, too big.” I said looking at it for a moment, it looked nice and comfy so I had second thoughts about it.

"Really? It looks perfect."

"Yeah it is too big." I looked around and saw a queen sized bed. “Oh this one is smaller.” I said and laid on it, it was so comfortable. "I like this one.” I said closing my eyes. "What do you think?"

“It’s so comfortable.” Harry said as he laid down next to me.

"I know."

That was the perfect bed for me so I decided to buy it. A nice lady helped us and I filled out some papers for the shipping and all and she told me it would be delivered in two days. That sucked, but Harry told me I could stay with him as long as I needed, that was sweet but honestly I didn’t want to intrude anymore.

We continued buying furniture, Harry was telling me if he liked or not the furniture I wanted to buy and he liked most of it. We just walked around the store for a while and I ended up buying a white couch, a coffee table, a TV, a table and four chairs, a vinyl record storage, a bookshelf, lamps, a refrigerator, among others. I also bought cleaning supplies, paint and paint brushes, I was planning on getting it perfectly cleaned and I wanted to painted it before the furniture arrive in two days.

After 5 hours of shopping furniture we decided to go to McDonalds for a quick snack because our stomachs were grumbling. At McDonalds I ordered a happy meal and he ordered a big mac, and we both sat down enjoying our fast food and talking about anything we could. As we were talking Harry received a call.

“Hello?” He said clicking the call button. “Hey Louis, what’s up? I’m at McDonalds with a friend.” He said smiling as I drank some coke and then his expression changed, he looked at his watch and frowned. “Shit, I completely forgot. Yeah… I’ll be there in about 20 minutes. Okay, see you.” He said and hung up.

“So I can tell you have to go.”

“Yeah I had to be at the studio an hour ago and I forgot.”

“Oh sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault.” He smiled. “Come on, let’s take you home.” He stood up and we both walked to his car.

Back at the apartment he helped me get everything out of his car, and by everything I mean cleaning supplies and paints, and then he opened his apartment for me to take my bag of clothes out. He told me to pack more clothes because I was going to stay with him for the next days and told me he was going to be back at around 9pm.

When Harry left I changed into some comfortable clothes to start cleaning. The apartment was so dirty, the floor, the windows, everything. First I took off the old curtains, which was a bad idea because there were some spiders living there and it freaked me out. After I managed to get rid of the little spiders I sweep and mop the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and hallway’s hardwood floor.

When the whole house was cleaned it was already 7pm and I was exhausted. I was laying on the floor, taking a nap when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was Harry, a smile plastered on his face.

“Had fun?”

“Oh yeah so much fun, except for the spiders.” I grabbed some clothes and threw them into my bag before walking with Harry to his apartment.

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